Of Yoga-Flags and Langots!

This hilarious anecdote goes to show how much of Yoga is clouded in unnecessary hype and mystique. Much of the west is overly fascinated by Indian exoticism and many Indians unduly exploit this. Instead of keeping it simple and scientific; Yoga is often interpreted by half-baked charmers.

One of my friends, a traditional Yoga-teacher type, recounts this story! (He is of course a fantastic teacher; not the kind who would intentionally mislead anyone).

He still teaches Yoga in a dhoti; and wears a ‘Langot’. Being good at his job, he’s travelled the world teaching yoga. On his first visit abroad; he went to Prague and for the duration of his workshop he stayed with a respectful Czech family.

In the morning having washed his clothes; he found his hostess staring at his ‘langot’ that was put out to dry. When she asked him what it was; my embarrassed friend decided to tell her that it was the “Yoga Junda” or Flag; the flag that swamis like him carried!! The respectful woman duly bowed before the “Flag” and muttered a prayer!

All ended well; until the next day when she attended his Yoga class. During his spirited demonstration of one of the more twisty yogasanas; the flabbergasted hostess spotted our friend’s “flag/ langot” exactly where an underwear should be!!

Needless to say; she stormed out of the class and when my friend returned home; he found his luggage waiting for him outside the front door! So much for De-Mystifying Yoga!!

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