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So, now that Nike has done all it could for running (and still more!); the giant shoe-manufacturer has turned its focus to an ever-increasing target audience – urban Yogis! Bring on the Nike Yoga wrap-shoe. As if anyone really would practice yoga in shoes….however pretty they may be! I mean we’re barefoot for balance, circulation and to draw energy from the earth itself. Why would you want to block that out? Why? (That too at $110 a pair)

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As if that wasn’t shocking enough, news has just filtered in that Rupert Murdoch of all people has turned to yoga! Now, Yoga has officially become mainstream! Anyways, here’s wishing Mr Murdoch the very best in getting in touch with his spiritual side. Last week he tweeted about his tryst with Transcendental Meditation. Now, that’s news! ­čÖé




Here’s a new yoga style that works mainly on the physical. Increasingly people are raiding the Asana cabinet to create Yoga-inspired workouts sans the spiritual side. Well, it’s one way to introduce more people to yoga – especially those who would be terrified initially of encountering themselves through Meditation. Professional wrestler and┬áthree-time World Championship Wrestling (WCW) World Champion,┬áDiamond Dallas Page says he developed DDP Yoga for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing the traditional mind-body practice. “At the end of 1999 I blew out my back,” said Page, a . “My wife suggested yoga and I thought, ‘That’s for girls.’ But I tried it and was blown away by how much it helped me.” So, DDP Yoga uses Asanas with Calisthenics to create a powerful workout. In between the class; you could have the Teacher yell out commands to complete a set of push-ups. There are some interesting Asana names too! The crescent pose is re-named superstar. Mountain, or standing pose, is called touchdown and Child’s pose is re-dubbed safety zone.┬áCertainly good for cardio – but the program lacks the relaxative/ restorative benefits of traditional yoga.

It’s a wrap for today, Yogis! See you tomorrow.

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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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