We’ve asked a few Total Yoga students to write about the phenomenon of the #NewYearResolution. Here, ARPITA GANESH from  Bangalore tells her about her take on resolutions.
I believe that resolutions don’t need a new year to happen. You just make them.
Like the time when I made one, to never doubt myself again, even if I didn’t fit in…
And another, to always love myself, even if no one else did…
And another, to always try and be happy, from my heart…
None of these had a new year inspiration, but they were good resolutions. Ones that were made on days that were dark, and moments that needed hope.
That’s why I say that resolutions are best made, at the some of the best and worst moments in our lives. They are made to make our life’s journey a richer experience.
So, to whoever is reading this, don’t wait for the new year to make one to love yourself and be happy. Do it now!
 – ARPITA GANESH is an entrepreneur based in Bangalore.
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