New Year Resolutions

Here, our student and Total Yoga Teacher-in-Training, Slavica Gokul shares her views on the New Year Resolutions phenomenon!

Following in the footsteps of ancient Babylonians and Romans, who made promises to their Gods at the start of each year to fulfill certain duties, I too used to make promises and New Year resolutions until I started practicing yoga.

My first encounter with yoga was in my 20’s in an ashram in California. I lacked the focus and appreciation and didn’t think much of it. Later on I practiced prenatal and post-partum yoga during both of my pregnancies and experienced tremendous benefits.

It was about 5 years ago though that I started practicing regularly and got ‘hooked’ on that feeling of ‘high’ after the practice. I was feeling so good after my regular 3 days a week practice that I felt there was no need to make-break New Year resolutions. I was able to stick to it and was constantly on a look out for that relaxed, peaceful and focused feeling to the point that I would wake up at 5am on Sunday mornings when the rest of the city was sound asleep and practice with a handful of yogis to set my day right.

Just as life was going smooth we decided to uproot our family and move to India. It took several months after arriving here to find the right yoga practice for me but it was worth the wait. Eventually, those 3 days a week became 5 days a week and then every day of the week.

Yoga has kept me sane in this beautiful country of extremes. I have never felt better physically, emotionally and mentally. I look forward to 2014 and many more yoga practices.

Slavica Gokul has undergone Yoga Teacher Training and will start off as a Total Yoga teacher in 2014! 

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