Do you Teach Naked Yoga?!

Here’s a question for all Yoga Teachers (and also Students)….What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

There are quite a few actually but this query we received last week from someone in Delhi probably tops it; not so much because it concerned naked yoga – no, not because of that. But because the query read thus: “hi i wana learn nude yoga in delhi . by female teacher tell me wht are the charges to learn” (sic) Like, really? There must surely be more ways of connecting with a lady than to hope some female teacher would want to teach him naked yoga!

Naked Yoga has many adherents. People have reported experiencing the liberating effect of being in a room full of nude people – in a non sexual context. That’s something very rare in modern cultures and so it’s understandable that one might want to try it. However, the person who mailed us last week has only one thing on his mind, quite clearly.

All this made me think where is Yoga headed? Yes, no one owns it – but even so, have we reached the point where some common sense needs to be ingrained into the usage of the word ‘Yoga’. After the U.N. International Day of Yoga, there’s absolutely no doubt about it having become more mainstream that ever before. That means it’s trendy to concoct various fitness/ lifestyle cocktails and add the word ‘yoga’ to it.

So, whom does this responsibility of keeping alive and passing on the tradition of Yoga lie with? For millennia it’s been done by our Gurus and it was possible since only a small percentage of people concerned themselves with yoga. However, in the modern world where everyone wants to do Yoga and with studios on virtually every street; the onus lies with every Yoga Teacher to maintain the sanctity and discipline that has been the hallmark of Yoga throughout history!

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