Mindful Parenting – Switch off your baby sitter?!

Mindful parenting

We have had a brilliant weekend with extremely well behaved children. Last Night, when my kids were asleep, I had to go back and check to see if they hadn’t been swapped by my husband. While I was out super market shopping. They have bonded well, done all their jobs, helped clean and clear the playroom (pinch me, am I’m dreaming) and just been wonderful. This is what having kids is about. Oh yes!… and did I mention they were only 6 and 4 years old????

I can only attribute this to us, switching off our baby sitter (the television) for the weekend and getting them to spend more time with each other and us. They have played board games, played outdoors, done some gardening, gone for playdates, helped with cooking and cleaning. This has meant that we have spent more time with them, being mindful of their needs. Thereby giving them the love and attention they deserve.

My Childhood vs the kids

When I grew up, we didnt even have a television, in fact I hardly had toys. I still remember my precious one eyed hand me down doll with bald patches on her hair. No wonder I used to think I was rather pretty coz I had both my eyes and a LOT of hair! ­čÖé We used to play outside with our friends for hours on end. And my parents would have to force me to come in to have dinner. Kids these days have way too many distractions and devices to try out. I admit, it is very easy to put my kids in front of a telly if I want to get something done.

They turn into glazy eyed, transfixed statues, not wanting food or water or any attention whatsoever. They start turning into Zombies, especially if the TV is switched off, after more than 30mins of TV time, with their blood curdling screams, drooling, kicking and clawing at the remote like it was fresh meat! Uggg!

I dont say its all bad. There is a lot that can be learnt from TV programs, mobile phones and other hand held devices and we dont want our kids to miss out on being at par with technology as they grow either. But there has to be a balance.

Awareness while parenting

My regular yoga practice has brought about awareness of how much I am appreciating life and it’s precious moments. When I am on the mat, I am conscious of breath, I observe my thoughts, when I feel like my thoughts are taking over my practice, I start my “So Hum” chant. This starts to make my breath rhythmic and my practice gets deeper. I think it is this awareness that is also helping me when I am with my kids. I am being aware of my reactions to them, my actions towards them.

Ask the right questions

I have started being observant of how much and how often I use electronic paraphernalia around my kids. Do I really listen to their questions whilst I am checking social media? Do I really need to check social media when they are around? Do I really enjoy that moment when they do a dance or do something funny if I am trying to get my phone out and video it on my camera? Is it really important for me to like my friend’s 20th instagram post in 20mins instead of truly appreciating something my baby has just done? There is a fine balance between truly enjoying the moment and wanting to capture it as an electronic record to be viewed later.

Having said that, I will end here as I need to finish my chores so that I have ample free time to spend with my munchkins after I get them from school, hope you can too.

Love, Purnima Trasi

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