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Ushtrasana or the camel pose is a backbend which also opens the heart centre.  Ushtrasana is like a camel travelling through the Sahara, requiring stamina, endurance, and a commitment to inner awareness.

What is so special about Ushtrasana?

This asana improves the blood circulation in the abdominal region. Thus, improves the digestion. Also, the pose strengthens the lower back while opening the heart center. Therefore, Ushtrasana helps us physically and emotionally!!


The camel pose stimulates the Manipura Chakra which allows us to have control over our thoughts and emotional responses, set healthy boundaries, and be at peace with ourselves. Its physical association is with digestive function.

Benefits of Ushtrasana

  1. Strong and flexible spine – Backbends help in restoring the natural flexibility of the spine. With consistent practice, the back becomes strong and agile.
  2. Opens the chest and shoulders – As the digital era requires us sitting in front of computers. Ushtrasana opens the shoulders and relieves stress from them.
  3. Tones us the abdomen – As the abdomen is pushed outwards, the obliques are stretched. Thereby, this helps in toning the muscles around the stomach.
  4. Improved digestion – As the blood circulation improves in the abdomen, the organs function optimally leading to better digestion.
  5. Stress relief –  Our minds often follow our bodies, so by increasing the flexibility in your spine.We relieve the tension in the neck, back, and shoulders. This helps in relaxing the body and mind! 🙂
  6. Emotional balance – As the chest is opened, the energy in the heart center is stimulated. This helps in balancing the emotions and feelings. Thus, we feel more peaceful and centered.
  7. Extroversion in personality – As the heart center opens, it is easier for a person to express oneself and be in harmony with people around.


Extend your hip forward.


Avoid in case of spine, shoulder or neck injury. For sensitive knees, place extra padding.

Our yoga instructor often banters that, the girls should marry a guy who can hold this backbend for 15-20 seconds. As a flexible spines reflects openness to learning new things, being more adjusting and more harmony in relationships!! No wonder our studio has a lot of singles… LOL

Humour is food for our soul and Ushtrasana is food for the spine.

Iti Jain





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