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Coming to “the balance posture,” is Santolanasana, commonly called the hand plank. This asana can be found in the gyms, weight training sessions, yoga studios and cross fit sessions. For me, this is a full body workout. But, this really builds the arm strength. 🙂

What is so special about Santolanasana?

Practicing Santolanasana strengthens the core and the arms. A strong core is essential for a strong back and it uses your bodyweight to sculpt the shoulders and arms. Balancing in this asana helps in toning up too!!


As the core is engaged, the Manipura chakra is stimulated. We find wisdom, self-confidence, and feelings of wellbeing when the manipura chakra is in balance. When this chakra is imbalanced, we may feel tired, weak and ill. Anatomically, the solar plexus governs the pancreas, digestive system’s organs, and the adrenal glands.

Benefits of Santolanasana

  1. Strong Core: This pose works your core to a huge extent. You have to really use your belly muscles to stay upright. The balance pose also helps in toning the abs.
  2. Sculpted arms and shoulders: As we balance on the hands, the shoulders-arms-wrists is strengthened and sculpted.
  3. Preparatory asana: This asana helps in preparing for asanas such as Bakasana, Chaturanga-dandasana etc. It also helps in improving the quality and quantity of the push ups.
  4. Strong legs: As we are on our toes and the cushions of the feet, our whole body is stretched while the legs are strengthened.
  5. Improves concentration: We are balancing on the arms, belly muscles  pulled in, with sweat dripping down. The only solace is focusing on our breath and staying still, before we conquer those arms.


Pull your navel towards your spine.


Avoid in case of wrist or shoulder injury.

As we balance in this asana, we are reminded that when our body becomes still , the mind is composed and the breath is relaxed. Practice this asana on the difficult days, it reminds you of your strength and willpower.

Iti Jain


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