Know your asana- VEERABHADRASANA 3

One of the most celebrated asanas in Yoga is the Veerabhadrasana. Today we will learn more about the balance posture, Veerabhadrasana 3 or Warrior 3. The common characters of a warrior is their ferocity and anger. But this asana concentrates on their strength and calmness.  Veerabhadrasana 3 is about learning how to respond rather than react. Fight, Flight or Freeze are the common reactions, but we train to activate our parasympathetic nervous system.

What makes  Veerabhadrasana 3 so special?

This is a dynamic posture!! It works on your lower body, core and more importantly it teaches us patience and perseverance. Every posture in yoga works on our internal organs, muscles, breathing pattern and our personality. Warrior 3 is an epitome of all this. Besides, it’s a journey from playing hopscotch in the first class to the time when we can hold it for 30 seconds. 🙂


Having your intentions in the right place during your practice allows for a deeper focus. Being a balance posture,  Mooladhara chakra ( root chakra) is stimulated. Our need for security, survival and stability is balanced. Thereby, we are more self-aware, courageous and fearless. 🙂

Benefits of Veerabhadrasana 3

  1. Strengthens the ankles and legs- Did you know that the foot and ankle complex have more than 33 joints and over 100 muscles and connective tissues? This pose helps in strengthening and aligning these muscles and bones. Besides, the legs are toned and strengthened.
  2. Improves core endurance and hip stability- To hold the posture, the core is engaged. Thereby the abdominal muscles are toned and strengthened . Simultaneously, the gluteus maximus becomes strong and hip flexors are opened.
  3.  Aligns your spine and sharpens your focus.
  4. Teaches patience, perseverance and focus- Getting this posture right may take weeks and sometimes months. This posture helps us sharpen our determination. While holding the posture, we focus on our breath and are mindful. This results in de-stressing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.


Avoid in case of high blood pressure and ankle injuries.


Stretch your hands forward, legs backward while engaging your core. Phew..!!

Dear yogis and readers, theoretically you are a pro in  Veerabhadrasana 3. Now put out your mat and practice. The secret of this asana is Practice-Practice and Practice my fellow yogis. And the day, you are able to hold the pose for 45 seconds, happiness knows no bound (personal experience). 🙂 🙂

Coming soon, the cheat pose for  Veerabhadrasana 3.

Signing off for the day

Iti Jain


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