Know your asana- Swastikasana

Swastikasana is a meditative posture. The sanskrit word Swastik means auspicious. The asana allows the practitioner to sit straight in stillness. This pose also enhances the hip flexibility.

What is so special about Swastikasana

This is a meditative posture which stretches the hips and the thighs. The asana balances the lower body alignment, as the right-knee and left knee come on the top, alternatively. This is a great posture to induce calmness and meditativeness.


As we sit in this meditative posture,the Ajna chakra is stimulated. The energy of the third-eye allows us to access our inner guidance. It also allows us to cut through illusions and to access deeper truths. When Ajna chakra is fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain function in synchrony. The right hemisphere’s creativity and synthetic thinking is integrated and balanced with left hemisphere’s logical and analytical thinking.

Benefits of Swastikasana

  1. Meditation pose: Swatikasana is a good meditation pose. Especially for people who find it difficult to sit in, more classical poses like Padmasana and Siddhasana.
  2. Stretches the lower body: The hamstrings and glutes are stretches. This is a great stretch for runners.
  3. Spinal alignment: The spine is stretched which strengthens the back.
  4. Optimal organ functioning: As the torso is stretched, all the organs have optimal place to function efficiently.
  5. Stimulates calmness: As our eyes are focused on the Trikuti (third eyes), calmness and clarity is induced.


Keep your spine straight and stretched


Avoid in case of severe knee pain and skip if you have got a hip surgery.

Though yoga has a set of meditative poses, we are free to explore more possibilities. The yoga sutras have defined asana as “Sthira Sukha asana.” This means that the posture should be comfortable that we can hold it in stillness, for sometime. Thereby, let’s find our meditative pose, where we can find our bliss. 🙂

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