Know your asana: HALASANA

One of my favourite quotes is, “Bend so that you don’t break!” This applies to inversions and backbends. Halasana or the Plough pose is challenging, but at the same time it is rejuevenating.

What is so special about Halasana?

Halasana calms the mind, stimulates internal organs, activates the thyroid, stretches the shoulders and hamstrings. Besides, it improves the flexibility of the spine.


Vishuddhi chakra located at the pit of the throat is more often associated with communication, self expression, will power and choice. However, the actual sanskrit meaning of vishuddhi means deep purification. Being related to the higher mind it refers more to removing the subtle obstructions. As they prevent us from understanding and expressing our deepest feelings and personal truth.

Benefits of Halasana

  1. Calms the mind: As the asana calms and relaxes the nerves, brain and heart. Thereby, the nervous system is rejeuvenated which relaxes and energises us.
  2. Stimulates the abdominal organs: The digestion system improves and balances the insulin & adrenalin levels in the body.
  3. Stimulates the thyroid gland: The weight is on the shoulders and the chin touches the collar bone, while stretching the back of the neck. Thus, thyroxin is produced leading to homeostatis and a healthy body.
  4. Stretches the shoulders and spine: This asana is an inverted yoga posture that stretches the spine and shoulders. Thereby, increasing the spine flexibility.
  5. Therapeutic for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis
  6. Beneficial for Diabetics: As it normalises blood glucose levels.


Stretch your back and hamstrings.


  1. Those suffering from hernia, slipped disc, sciatica, arthritis of the neck, high blood pressure or any serious back problems, should not do practice halasana.
  2. Should practice under expert supervision. In days of periods women should not practice this asana.

We need to be careful while practicing this asana. But, it is super relaxing and refreshing. Love it, especially on my low days. 🙂 

Iti Jain

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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