Know your asana- GOMUKASANA

Gomukasana is a seated yoga asana. It stretches the hips and opens the shoulders. The cow face pose is great for relaxation and destressing. This is due to the increased breathing capacity in this asana.

What is so special about Gomukasana?

Sitting upright with your spine aligned calms the mind and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. This pose also increases blood supply to the legs and arms, making it a useful pose to counteract long periods of sitting in a chair or being hunched over a desk.


Working on the physical heart space through asana is a beautiful step to help open the heart on all these levels. As we open the chest and take deep breaths, the energy in the heart chakra is stimulated. This opens the doors to self love and compassion.  

Another power arising from Anahata Chakra is Sankalpa Shakti, the power to fulfil desires. When you wish for a desire to be fulfilled concentrate on it in your heart. The purer your Anahata Chakra, the more swiftly the wish will be fulfilled.

Benefits of Gomukasana

  1. Great body stretch: This pose stretches almost every part of the body: The hips, shoulders, ankles, thighs, armpits, triceps, and chest.
  2. Posture alignment: By equally lengthening and opening both sides of the body, it helps to correct posture. And helps in regaining balance between the left and right sides of the body.
  3. Relaxes shoulders: People usually store stress in their shoulders. As the hands are clasped behind the ribcage, the shoulders, trapezius is relaxed. This is a great asana for people with stiff shoulders or shoulder hunch.
  4. Increases breathing capacity: As our lungs are given vital place to stretch, more oxygen is absorbed and supplied to the heart. This helps in calming the mind and body.
  5. Destressing: The pose helps in unwinding and uprooting anxiety and stress.
  6. When done consistently, Gomukasana stimulates and massages the reproductive organs.


Keep your spine and neck straight, while raising the torso.


Avoid in case of severe knee or back pain.

Due to the discrepancy between our body and lifestyle, Gomukasana is a blessing!! Regular practice will help you feel energised and more in sync with your breath. So many asana, so many benefits; but, it’s only when you practice them all, that you know which one is working for you and which are the ones you need to work on!! 🙂 

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