At Total Yoga, we believe that the best time to start Yoga is during Childhood – when they are flexible, innocent and with a mind ready to absorb learning and habits that will last a lifetime! The Kids’ Yoga classes that we conduct are a mix of serious Yoga practices and fun, motivational Story-telling. In one segment of the class, Children hold the animal-inspired Asana poses whilst we take them through one of the Panchatantra stories or Aesop’s fables. This is an amazing way to maintain the child’s interest in the yoga practices whilst imbibing essential tales of wisdom.

Other Yoga practices like Surya Namaskar are essential because the physical Play-time of children has drastically reduced in the last decade thanks to an ever-increasing influence of Gaming, TV and the Internet.

Balance poses are fantastic for helping Children’s concentration; while basic Pranayam practices help Children de-stress and relax since they are being subjected to an increasingly competitive environment at school. You will be shocked how many children doze off and snore during Yoga Nidra at the end of the class!

Kids’ Yoga classes are offered at the main Total Yoga center in Indiranagar on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm. It is ideal for children from 6-12 years of age.

“My boys have been associated with Total Yoga Kids Yoga for close to 2 years now and its been an fun-filled learning experience for them. It takes a special talent to keep kids engaged and interested in the class and the teachers here do it very well! The asana practise is made interesting and challenging with theme based sessions! The mind body connect is also subtly introduced with age appropriate pranayam and meditation, The fact that a motley bunch of 5-12 yr olds are willing to stay “still” at the end of the class for a couple of mins speaks for the well designed class format and the teachers. I have seen my kids feel stronger about their body movements, become calmer and connect  better with the people around them! Apart from the regular classes the kids also get to participate in community initiatives and other group activities like trekking or Yoga in the park that are organised by Total Yoga regularly. Its rare to find a good yoga studio where the kids look forward to unrolling their yoga mats and Total Yoga is definitely one of them!”
Gayathri Vaidyanathan