“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the World!” -Nelson Mandela.

As simple as that.

Mandela’s iconic message is as true today as it’s ever been throughout history. While many peoples of the world have access to education (if you’re reading this, you’re grateful that you had that opportunity), many impoverished people have little or no formal education. This is a gargantuan task – to educate the many billions who aren’t so lucky.


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Vidya Foundation

VIDYA FOUNDATION: There are many amazing Organisations out there that work tirelessly to create betterfutures for children. I’d like to introduce you a truly amazing one – Vidya Foundation – who’ve justcompleted 30 years in this space. Vidya has 47 projects, from schools to women’s empowerment and learning centres, spread out over Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore. In 2015 the Vidya School (CBSE) in Gurgaon was awarded the prestigious British Council Award, and it’s amazing to know that MENSA India found that more than 20% of the children studying there have an IQ over 120. This is remarkable because most of the students are 1st generation learners! Vidya runs on charitable donations from corporates and individuals.

HOW YOU YOGIS HELPED VIDYA in 2015? We had a simple idea – inspire all our Yoga students to do 108 Surya Namaskaars and donate Rs 1 per Surya done! Thanks to all of YOU, we raised Rs 40,000, which is what it costs to sponsor 1 Child through 1 Year of Schooling at Vidya, Gurgaon. At Total Yoga we do many Yoga-inspired Events, but this was perhaps the most satisfying experience of the year!

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We’re hosting the Karma Yogathon, where you practice 108 Surya Namaskaars (!!) and make a donation of Rs 500 towards Vidya Foundation, in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad & Dubai. The series of events kick-starts in Bangalore on January 26th at U.B. City; and then onwards to Pune on Feb 6th and Mumbai on Feb 7th.


  1. SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! Please share the event, invite your friends and Inspire your colleagues to join us – they’ll get fit as we help them train to be able to do 108 Surya Namaskaars; and they’re contributing to a wonderful cause! Do use #KarmaYogathon #108SuryasforVidya when you share socially!
  2. SALUTE THE SUN … WITH ALL OF US! Doing 108 Surya Namaskaars is a great cardio and strength work-out. Doing 108 Suryas with hundreds of the Yoga community is a bonding experience to cherish! Even if you can’t so 108 Suryas, you can do either 54 Suryas or 11 if you are a beginner. Join us and we’ll motivate you!
  3. INVITE FRIENDS TO MATCH YOUR DONATION! Many of our colleagues, family and friends may not be able to participate or live in other countries, so we’ll invite them to still join the event at their homes. They can do the Suryas on the day you are doing it – and show their SUPPORT by matching your donation and spreading the message that Yogis Care!

Bangalore Friends, LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU on JAN 26th 8-9:30am at UB City! And Friends in the other cities, see you soon….we’ll announce the entire set of dates for Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Dubai.

Join and Follow the Event on Facebook!  or RSVP: director@total-yoga.org or +91 9740980200