Karma yoga – being selfless!

Karma Yoga means – the YOGA of Action(one of the four paths of Yoga). there are different components that determines your action as Karma Yoga. we will look at three of them today.

Right Attitude – It is not what you do but the attitude and selfless motive to the giving is utmost important. “It is not how much we give but How much LOVE we put into giving” – Mother Teresa. Karma Yoga has to be done increasingly and selflessly.

Do your best – Do your best in whatever way possible to be a Karma Yogi. It should be done without thinking about results/rewards. Recently in an interview Sudha Murthy, social worker from Bangalore heading different Ngo’s beautifully said that every time it is not money that the needy require. They require love, compassion and time.

Give up Results – Every human being starts analyzing or estimating at what’s in it for them whenever something is mentioned. It is important to disengage from that and do something selfless for Karma Yoga. When someone says karma yoga – most of us think selfless service. It is so true and it is important that we live up to it in the true sense.

Join us for the Karma Yogathon on 26th Jan to Sponsor a child through school


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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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