International Yoga Day: CHAKRAS Rising (yoga+ music)

International Yoga Day is an annual coming-together of Yogis all over the World to celebrate the Spirit and Community of Yoga! This #InternationalYogaDay, we’ve designed a Yoga & Meditation masterclass taught to live Music based on the frequencies of your Chakras! Experience each Chakra through specific Asanas, Pranayam & Meditations to the accompanying Music vibrations.


Manish Pole, Neetu Singh, Total Yoga, yoga bangalore, yoga pune, yoga mumbai, yoga india, international yoga day, yoga day, UN International Day of Yoga, Narendra Modi
Manish Pole & Neetu Singh, co-Founders of Total Yoga

“Designing a  70 mins Masterclass that focuses on each Chakra for 10 minutes, in an ascending order from Mooladhar to Sahasraar Chakra; and then combining the Asanas, Pranayam & Visualisation Meditations to live Music involved an immense amount of Research and Practice. We’re terribly excited to now have People come in and experience ‘Chakras Rising’ as a Yoga session, as well as an Auditory & Visual sensory experience.” – Manish Pole, co-Founder of Total Yoga.

Manish Pole, Neetu Singh, Total Yoga, yoga bangalore, yoga pune, yoga mumbai, yoga india, international yoga day, yoga day, UN International Day of Yoga, Narendra Modi, anant menon
Anant Menon

Chakras Rising is designed and taught by Neetu Singh & Manish Pole, who have both been teaching Yoga for over 15 years. And the accompanying Music based on the Chakras frequencies is created by Anant Menon, who’s been a Blues Guitar maestro for close to 20 years. This fine-tuned combination of the Yoga & Music creates an extraordinary experience for the all those practising. “It’s new ground for us even though we’ve been producing Yoga-to-Live-Music events for years.” – Neetu Singh, co-Founder of Total Yoga.

The event caters to everyone – from advanced Yogis and Meditators to new-comers in Yoga.

“We will be experimenting with both the concept of The Unstruck Sound (Anahata), as well as try to create soundscapes that specifically address each Chakra as our Yogis proceed to systematically take participants through the Kundalini pathway.”       – Anant Menon

URBAN YOGA: Sharing the vision in Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune

Chakras Rising is powered by Urban Yoga, India’s largest Yoga Clothes and Accessories retailer. Specially for International Yoga Day, Urban Yoga launched the Chakras series. These are 7 t-shirts for Men and Women, each one depicting one of the Chakras through the colour scheme and motif designs. All participants will be gifted a T-shirt as memorabilia of Chakras Rising.

And to truly bring out the experience of the Workshop itself, Switch Events has designed everything from the Visuals to the User Experience at the event including Health foods partners; so every participating Yogi can actually CELEBRATE Yoga on that day!

Yoga for a Cause: Sponsoring a Child’s Education at the Vidya Foundation School

Karma Yoga is at the very core of everything that the Chakras represent – Anahata Chakra being right at the middle, the 4th Chakra. Anahata stands for Love and Compassion – perhaps best exemplified by one taking care of fellow human beings. We’re bringing that spirit to International Yoga Day. Through the Chakras Rising tour, we’re looking to sponsor Children to study at the award-winning Vidya School in Gurgaon. Vidya Foundation has over the last 32 years been a pioneer in the Education and Womens’ Empowerment sectors for the underprivileged in India; and we’re proud to have Vidya Foundation as a partner!

International Yoga Day: Mark your Calendars!

Since International Yoga Day, June 21,  is on a Wednesday, we’ve scheduled Chakras Rising on the weekend before. And we’re hosting it premier venues that are large enough to accommodate 200 people each, as well as being easily accessible to one and all. We’re grateful to our Good Living partners for opening out their spaces for Chakras Rising!

Bangalore, 17th June (8-10am) at UB City

Mumbai, 17th June (5-7pm) at SoBo Central

Pune, 18th June (8-10am) at Phoenix Market City

Attend Chakras Rising: RSVP – director@total-yoga.org and +91 97409 80200.

PS: 3rd year of International Yoga Day!

2015 was the 1st year of International Yoga Day and in Bangalore we hosted ‘World Yoga Day Festival 2015‘ while in 2016 we again hosted ‘World Yoga Day Festival 2016‘ at UB City Bangalore. This year we’ve launched #MyYogaDay, 50 Stories of everyday Yogis sharing how Yoga is transforming their Lives every single day!




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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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  1. Intrenational Yoga day realises us that we are maintaing and still giving importance to our ancient period,the Chakras Yoga is a intersting part of yoga.

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