India to SF: a Journey of Yoga

We have been on the move ever since our first born was two months old. Every couple of years we pack up, sell or give away a lot of our possessions, say goodbye to our friends and embark on a new trail. We moved back to the States this summer after spending two years in India.

This move was not easy to say the least. It was filled with stress and uncertainties, overseas travel and time zones, illness and a two day hospital stay, emotions of all sorts. It was extra hard for me because I was leaving behind my yoga teachers and yoga community, so many dear friends I knew I was going to miss terribly. At the same time I was excited at the prospect of returning to a place I call home and bringing this yoga practice with me and hopefully teaching in the States.

One of the exciting things I was looking forward to was going back to practicing the type of yoga I used to do before moving to India. Fifteen minutes into the class I realized that we change and grow, our taste changes and evolves. The practice that I loved just two years ago did nothing for me anymore.

Going through the move made me realize also how important savasana and meditation are. Through this ordeal of overseas relocation, dealing with sick kids, packing, moving, selling things I would often cut my practice short of savasana and meditation. My door bell would ring, an important phone call would come in, it would be time to rush to an important appointment or my kids would suddenly become needy and demand my attention immediately just as I was wrapping up my asana practice and was about to lie down in savasana or spend few minutes in meditation. I ended up feeling as though that moving truck ran over me and having to make an urgent care clinic trip upon arriving to the States but now that I am able to have a complete practice that includes pranayama, asana and meditation I feel back to my old self.

Another thing that I realized is that even on the days when I feel low and uninspired to practice all I need to do is show up on my mat and the rest happens.  Even when my body, mind or spirit tells me otherwise, I do it anyway and as soon as I finish my 50 Surya namaskars I feel unstoppable and strong.

Each new move and change brings new realizations. I have no idea if we might move again in couple of years but I know this yoga practice is here to stay with me and I feel ready to share it with the world.

– Slavica Gokul has been a Yogi for 4 years and whilst residing in India, she underwent Yoga Teacher Training at Total Yoga, Bangalore. She continues to teach and has now shifted to San Francisco where she hopes to introduce what she learnt from her experience of Living In India. She is also a mother of two.

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