Healthy Festive eating

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Is it all about satiating the taste buds or is it important to nourish the body? Let me share a short story. During my yoga training, one of my friend’s mom was staying with us for a few days. While we were having lunch together, the server was coaxing aunty to have one more roti. But, she laughingly told her, that her stomach was not a well. Where you could keep on filling it. As we know, in India we show are love by preparing and serving good food. It is affectionate but we need to know, where to draw the line.

Gratitude for the food

Before you taste your food, your eyes and sense of taste prepare your body. Your body is your temple so pray before you eat. Now days you can buy anything in any season. But, weather plays a big role. It’s very important to eat local-seasonal food as it builds your immunity and nourishes your body.

Basic Tips for everyday eating

1) Morning empty stomach: 1ltr lukewarm water before brushing your teeth. As it flushes toxins from your body.
2) Always start with local fruits +nuts. It makes you feel fresh and provides healthy sugar to take care of sugar      craving.
3) For breakfast : add some protein.
4) Another 1ltr water till 12pm
5) Lunch 50% raw green leafy salad medium bowl and carbs/pulses
6) Evening snacks: veggies & fruit. add a slice of ginger in your juices for good digestion.
7) Dinner: By 7pm
8) Don’t forget after every meal, sit in Vajrasana.

As the festive time is around the corner, time for a healthy sweet!! Here comes the baked ladoo 🙂

  1. Oats 250gm
  2. Wheat flour 250gm
  3. Ghee half cup
  4. Almond+ dates + flax seeds + pumpkin seeds + sunflower seeds + cinnamon + dry figs
  5. Dates and figs – small pieces- 1 cup
  6. baking powder 1 teaspoon
  1. Roast all the nuts, keep it separately.
  2. Roast oats and wheat flour together, till it becomes light brown.
  3. Mix nuts, oats ,wheat flour , baking powder and ghee together.
  4. Add dates and figs
  5. Use your yogi hands to mix and bind them in a round ladoo.
  6. Put it in oven for 20 minutes ( keep checking in between).

Please involve your family in making ladoo. Ladoo will taste better and it will be fun. You can eat this ladoo for breakfast. Happy mindful eating ??

Neetu Singh

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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