Guru Purnima meditation

Guru Purnima is one of the most auspicious nights to practice Meditation! Every Yoga practitioner looks to practice meditation on this night. To celebrate the occasion, we are hosting a YOGA+MEDITATION session on Friday night, July 31st from 7:30-9pm at the Total Yoga ONEness Centre, Indiranagar. All our dear yogis are welcome to come observe the meditations and enjoy a night of live music thereafter.


Legend of Guru Purnima:

Legend has it that on this day Adiyogi (the first Yogi) started imparting Teaching to 7 students, thereby becoming the Adiguru (first Guru). According to myth, about 15,000 years ago the Adiyogi appeared in the Himalayas and his presence started to draw large crowds. While he sat in Meditation, he radiated such a presence that people wanted to learn what he was doing. There was no sign of life, except the tears of joy that flowed down his cheeks. Eventually the people left because he didn’t even acknowledge them. Only 7 men remained. Finally, he gave them a simple practice and then continued in his meditations. Years went by – 84 years in all, before he looked at them again! By then, these 7 men had kept practicing and had become fit for instruction. So, on the first full moon after the summer solstice Adiyogi turned facing south and started teaching them the knowledge of yoga. These 7 men became the 7 celebrated Saptarishis of ancient India who spread the knowledge of yoga around the world and that knowledge exists till this day. So, Guru Purnima is especially significant in Yogic lore and is observed with great reverence by yogis.


RSVP to attend: +91 9740980200, director@total-yoga.org

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