Flat Stomach – the Holy Grail in Fitness!

Every New Year millions of people around the world take up Resolutions to lose weight, get fit and more specifically to have a flat stomach. In fact the Fitness Industry waits for January 1st as this is peak season for gym memberships! Somehow changing one’s appearance is of paramount importance to so many people when they start a new year.

In terms of Fitness and Health, there are various different goals that people aspire to. While everyone has a different body-type; interestingly, most people look at a person’s stomach to assess or judge that person’s fitness levels. To a large extent this is innately accurate. When it comes to having a flat stomach, it is difficult simply because it involves many different aspects of living from Eating healthy, to Exercising and Sleeping alright. Wikihow has a wonderful article on How-to-get-a-Flat-Stomach, which explains beautifully the different aspects involved.

In terms of a Yoga practice to achieve a Flat stomach, here are 5 important practices. We’re approaching this from the different kinds of yoga practices.

1) Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutations: If you want a flat stomach you first need to burn the layer of fat that surrounds your core muscles. This can go only through Cardio training  – at least 20mins 5 times a week. This can be achieved through Surya  Namaskaar which if done at a brisk yet steady pace is the best cardio exercise simply because it involves almost all the muscles of the body. Here’s how to do Surya Namaskaar. Once you can do 100 at a time, you’ll be reasonably fit!

2) Asanas: Yogis need to sit upright for long periods in meditation and hence many Asanas exist that work on the core and back. These are extremely beneficial to get a flat stomach! Of these Naukasana or Boat, Kati Naukasana (Side-boat) and Sampattasana (Plank) are the best! These Youtube videos of Total Yoga founder-teachers Manish Pole and Neetu Singh will demonstrate these asanas.

3) Pranayam: Kapalbhati and Bhastrika pranayam cause a raising of the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) thus helping to rid the body of excess fat.

4) Kriyas: In Agnisaar and Nauli Kriya, the stomach/ intestinal area is trained through the movement of the abdominal muscles. This improves the efficiency of the digestive function thereby helping in having a flat stomach.

5) Meditation: Meditating is known to help people have a positive self-image which is absolutely essential in avoiding stress-eating which generally means you end up eating junk foods. So Meditation has a positive effect on your health!

There you have it; ways to achieve a flat stomach through a range of Yoga practices! Go on Yogi, have that flat stomach all year long! 🙂

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