Fitness Regimes Yogis should try!

Cross Training

We all experience plateaus, and to surpass them; we need to reinvent ourselves and the things we do. Similarly, in fitness our body gets used to a certain regime. Thus, once in a while, we need to surprise our bodies!

By mixing up your routine, you give the over-used parts of your body a chance to rest. And the under-used parts, a chance to strengthen and catch-up.

Cross-fit for Yogis

1) Dancing:

Try Tango, Kathak, Belly dancing, Jazz or any other dance form that fascinates you. Besides cardio, it helps co-ordinate different muscles for graceful movements. Thereby releasing the acute stiffness in the body.

2) Swimming: 

Water has long been a symbol of renewal and clarity — and there’s research to back this up. Studies suggest being around the element has a powerful effect on the brain. Also swimming is a way to fit cardio into your workout routine without putting stress on your bones, joints and muscles!

Besides, spending time near water can be similar to meditation.  As in, it gives the brain a break from the constant overstimulation.

3) Aerial arts

It builds upper body  and core strength. Thanks to the fact, that we’re up the hammock by our arm strength. Besides, it’s a great way to get the blood flowing towards our head. And it helps in increasing bone density. So either join aerial dancing/acrobat/ yoga , to build strength and improve body fluidity.

4) Barre:

If you are looking for a challenge, try Barre. As it moves the body in a very different way to yoga. Barre focuses on lifting and pulsing repeatedly, which makes your muscles fatigue and work to their ultimate maximum.

The mind-body awareness is needed  to execute the moves. Barre can be more fast-paced than yoga and will definitely leave your booty and abs sore!

Finally, look at your fitness goals and the style of yoga you currently practice.  Then compliment it with a  workout that fills in the gaps. And raises your spirits high! And, if you’re addicted to Yoga, like me. Take one challenge a month, just to surprise your body!!

Iti Jain

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