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How yoga helps in treating backpain?

Yoga is perhaps the most important methodology to treat Back Pain. Most Back Pain is caused because of the sedentary nature of our modern Lifestyle; and hence due to weakened Back and Core muscles. Add mental Stress to this, which causes stiffening of muscles and we find that Back Pain has become a global epidemic! Yoga exercises or Asanas were designed to keep the Back supple yet strong as a straight back was pivotal for sitting long hours in Meditation. Asanas are often used in Physiotherapy exercises in the therapeutic alleviation of Back Pains. Also, Yoga’s Breathing exercises or Pranayama helps us de-stress; so then our Body can relax and heal itself.


Is yoga a good workout?

Take a peek in to any gym in the world and you will see a Yoga class on the schedule. Yes, Yoga has universally been accepted as an effective work-out! Yoga helps us get Fit, lose Weight, tone our muscles, improve posture, alleviate back pains and strengthen the back. It helps us make our bodies more supple and Flexible while also Strengthening to create a lean, toned look. Worldwide sportsmen and athletes are swearing by yoga! It is an exercise that caters to people of all age groups. Yoga is arguably the most complete workout in the world as it benefits all aspects of Fitness – flexibility, strength, cardio, balance and mental wellbeing!


Is yoga good for respiratory system?

Yoga lays a high emphasis on Breathing. In fact an entire range of practices called Pranayama are dedicated to Breathing completely. This makes the Body stronger and eliminates toxins. The right balance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is vital for Health. People suffering from Asthma, Bronchitis and other breathing disorders have changed their lives by adopting Yoga. Apart from Physical benefits, Pranayama induces slow, deeper breathing which is known to have a calming influence on our minds. We are able to think lucidly and relax and sleep much better thanks to deeper Pranayama breathing.


Siddhasana (Accomplished pose for men)Total Yoga, Yoga, Meditative poses, yoga for reproductive health


Why is yoga good for young people?

Yoga should ideally be started during childhood, before the hormonal changes start in an individual. Before the hormonal changes start the focus is high in children; but it lowers drastically during Adolescence or Teenage years.

As for Young Adults, Yoga is great as an exercise as well as a stress-reducing lifestyle choice. Most people take to yoga once the damage to their bodies has already been done – either through disease or obesity or lack of flexibility, etc. Young people have the chance to mould their bodies and minds through a systematic practice of Yoga. This will ensure that we remain Healthy and Fit and the immune to various Stress-induced Diseases. Also, Yoga will encourage young people to make healthy Lifestyle choices that will help them avoid abusing their bodies beyond what the body can take.


Why is yoga good for your body?

Fitness is defined as having 5 attributes – Strength, Flexibility, Cardio endurance, Balance and Mental Wellbeing. Yoga is the only exercise and lifestyle routine that addresses all these elements of Fitness positively! Practicing Yoga regularly will give us a Strong, Supple, Lean-muscled body that is not only Fit but extremely Healthy. Because of Yoga’s effect on Hormonal balance, Immunity will be very high. Also, Yoga eases Stress and so our Body and Mind can relax and rejuvenate constantly. Unlike other exercise regimens, Yoga will also help you age gracefully – not just physically but also mentally.


Is yoga good for depression?

Depression is becoming ever more prevalent in the modern world as more and more people live away from family and loved ones and Loneliness is a major part of modern lifestyles. Also other stresses such as high Career expectations and Relationship issues lead people to the brink of Depression. Yoga addresses all these factors essentially because it does not treat Body and Mind as being different. As an integrated Body-Mind matrix, physical Yoga exercises cater to a somato-psychic change in us. In other words by stretching the body in asanas; endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ are secreted which help the mind relax. Similarly Surya Namaskar energizes the Body-Mind which is very much required when a person is going through Depression. Having the right attitude is very important and Yoga helps us in this regard.


Is yoga good to health?

Yoga is great for Health because it addresses the entire Body-Mind and not just a set of muscles. In fact calling Yoga an exercise is like calling the Atlantic Ocean a pond! Yoga positively impacts all the body systems from musculo-skeletal to hormonal, nervous, and cardio vascular systems as well as brain function and immunity. In fact, Yoga is a panacea for so many ills that is the reason it has become a global phenomenon. From people wanting to lose weight to people overcoming disease, from people wanting to de-stress to people searching for meaning in Life; Yoga addresses all these needs of people!


Which Yoga positions are good for ovaries?paschimottanasan

Paschimottanasana, Marchariasana, Baddhakonasana, Sarvangasana


Is Yoga good for digestive system?

Yogis have done tremendous research on the digestive system and every other aspect of Body, Breath, Mind and beyond! When someone is stressed the first organ to show the stress is the Skin and the next is the Stomach and Digestive system. We even have an idiom, ‘butterflies in the stomach’ to depict how nervousness and stress effects the digestive system. Yoga works to strengthen the Body so that all bodily systems work well. We also twist and stretch the body thereby causing the correct secretion of digestive juices for digestion. And Yoga helps us de-stress thereby saving the digestive system from unnecessary stress; allowing it to function at its optimum. Finally, yoga brings about positive lifestyle changes that include healthy food choices!


Is yoga good for toning your stomach?

TY_aboutus_2Yoga exercises are great for toning the stomach and losing fat. The lean muscle is increased and so the stomach, core and sides are toned along with strengthening the back! Surya Namaskars is one of the best cardio exercises while Naukasana and other variations tone the stomach muscles. Every yogi will by default have a toned stomach also because of the internal cleansing kriyas that are undertaken, which amongst other things helps with digestion. Yoga brings about positive lifestyle changes that include healthy food choices! Through the practice of Yoga, one begins to see the body as a temple and takes care of what we feed it.

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