Every Breath You Take ….Experience it !!

Total Yogi Run Group
Total Yogi Run Group

Running is a beautiful sport because of it’s simplicity. Just lace up your shoes and run (after a dynamic warm-up, of course).

There is much controversy over whether the breath in running should be just through the nose,  the mouth only or whether in patterns with your stride and so on…. if you care to take the time to read on it, the subject boggles the mind…. and I would even go as far as saying, that it could put you off a sport that is considered as one of the most simple…. particularly  if you are that type of person who follows the letter of what you read..

Since establishing my yoga practice with Total Yoga, I recounted during one of my runs, my yoga teacher mentioning Ujjai breath could be utilized  by runners, so I decided to give it a go and it worked well for me not only in my running, but I have also incorporated it into my day to day life. It is a calming breath, and the best way I would describe what it does for me, is that is takes me from the outside world to my inner being….it has taught me to let go of the past and future and stay connected in that present moment…if we can learn to do this during part of our day, we will undoubtedly feel connected with our true self…

Funny, when your yoga teacher throws out a question like this : How long do you think it will take to become a yogi? Audience replies…in 10 years, maybe next year, then someone piped out, why not now ? … Yes, absolutely.. smiles my teacher, we do it now, what are we waiting for , be it now !

Now the running is playing quite a major part in my fitness regime and I would put myself in the category of seasoned runner but for the most I have been a lonely runner. This changed recently when I became involved with a running group.. we run before our yoga practice, all of us at different levels, some who have never ran before are giving it a go, its fun and we support each other.

I have mentioned Ujjai breathing to people in the group, but what I have come to realize that what works for me may not necessarily work for someone else… so now it makes perfect sense when I heard my yoga teacher say…
don’t read.. what he was saying …experience life for yourself and then make that judgment of what it is,  is it right for you…experience it!




Author: Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal

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