Total Yoga is a community-driven yoga school and so we host a variety of activities to engage students in Yoga-inspired Lifestyle activities.

Yogi Brunch


Yogi Brunch at Escape Hotel

An invigorating yet relaxing Total Yoga class followed by a healthy Brunch – Yogi Brunch is a great way to kick-start your weekend! In Bangalore, it happens every Saturday morning 10am-12noon at Escape Hotel & Spa (Indiranagar). It’s also a fun event to meet like-minded yogis; and if you’re up for it you’re welcome to take a swim or hit the spa afterwards!

Yogi Trek

Total Yoga, Yogi Trek

Total Yoga’s ‘Yogi Trek’

Once a month we take Yoga to the great outdoors! Yogi Trek is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and gauge your fitness levels outside of a studio. In fact, as compared to the Ancient Yogis – modern Yogis hardly get a lot of physical work apart from Asanas. So, trekking is something that helps you attain to a more holistic fitness. Also of course, Pranayam (Breathing) and Meditation happen spontaneously once you are in the lap of nature! And there’s a whole lot of fun with the others on the trek. By the way, it’s open to everyone.