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As the wedding season and Christmas-New year approaching, it’s time to get fit and glowing. We often hear about detoxification. But, we often associate it hard work, scanty eating and tasteless food. Well, thats the half truth. Detoxification can be simple and incluiding 1 glass of power packed juice can change the way you look and feel 🙂

Why Detox juices?

  • Detoxification refers to removing toxic waste materials from the body
  • Fruits/Vegetables are powerhouses of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Detox juices are fast gaining recognition in the fitness world
  • Detox juices offer a major boost to your metabolism
  • Detox juices filter out toxins from the food we consume

Here are 4 simple juices that cleanse your stomach, intestines; while helping you remain fit and giving you a million dollar glow.

Juice Recipes:

  • The Digestive booster:

Beetroot + Amla + Bottlegourd (Lauki) + Fresh Aloe gel + Tomatoes

  • The Vitamin Shot:

Pomegranate + Oranges/Sweet lime + Carrot + Ginger

  • Berry smoothie:

Spinach + Cucumber + Apple + Any berries + Lemon

  • Veggie stock:

Beetroot + Carrot + Palak + Tomatoes + Lemon


  • You can mix and match the quantities of each fruit/vegetable as per your taste buds.
  • Use Ginger and Lemon sparesly in the end, to avoid bitterness.

All the juice recipes are tried and tested. The digestive booster is my personal favourite. I love mixing vegetables and fruits to kick start my day, as it cleanses my stomach, energises me for the yoga classes and gives me the happy-healthy-glow. On my lazy days, I end up drinking beetroot and ginger juice, which is better than skipping my detox juice. I try fixing something for myself, even when I am travelling!! I hope you enjoy them.

And please feel free to share your juice recipes with us. 🙂

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