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Mindfulness, Minimalism, Awareness, Detoxify, Declutter… Call it what you want to. But, in our fast paced lives, we have a hundred errands to run and our mind is busy planning and plotting. And, the need of the day is SERENITY! So many techniques, what do we try? Test them all and find your solace.

How do we begin Decluttering?

It’s actually not difficult, if you give it a little thought: simplifying shouldn’t be made complex. See what works for you!

Simple Decluttering Techniques

1. Breathe: So simple, and yet so effective. Take a few deep breaths, and then for a few minutes, just focus on your breathing. It has a calming effect, especially if you continue to return your focus to your breath when your mind strays.

2. Create space around you: Coming home, to a cluttered house is no fun. Things that have not been used in the last 6 months, give them away. The brain likes big-empty-clean spaces. The way you salivate on seeing your favourite food. Your brain releases happy hormones on seeing an organised and clean space. Having a lot of stuff around you is just visual clutter — it occupies part of your mind, even if you don’t realize it.

3. Take a walk: Getting outside and doing some kind of physical activity is a great way to get stuff off your mind. I like to dance,walk,practice yoga. Do anything that gets you moving. Spending some physical energy clears the mind.

4. Savour little things:

Don’t jump on email or social media, and instead take time to enjoy small, positive moments. And throughout the day, take time to notice your surroundings. Small things, that make you happy, that you are grateful for!

Slow down, see-hear-smell-feel-taste; Give 100% attention to your experiences.This simple shift in attention can boost your happiness and increases your capacity to relish life!


5. Find space in your mind: We often get caught in a loop of thoughts. Start identifying less with thoughts and feelings, by noting them as they come and go. It reduces the intensity of feelings of stress and worry by up to 50 percent.  You’re not trying to reject your thoughts or trying to stop having them altogether. It’s more like stepping onto the bank of a river and simply watching the river of thoughts flow by as opposed to diving in and trying to reverse the flow.

6. Reduce your gadget time: TV, Ipad, Laptops, Phones are relaxation devices. They further activate your brain and start associating with stories, people and events. They fill your head with noise, without the redeeming qualities of music or reading or good conversation. Reduce their usage and you’ll notice your mind begins to quieten. 🙂

7. Get in touch with nature: Connect with the blue sky, ocean, trees, rain, mountain, anything in the nature. Relish them, observe them and be a part of the nature. It’s like connecting to your soul.

8. Single-task. Multi-tasking, for the most part, is a good way to fill your mind with a lot of activity. But, without a lot of productivity or happiness as a result. Instead, try to single-task — just focus on one task at a time. Clear away everything else, until you’re done with that task. Then focus on the next task, and so on.

9. Let go. Worrying about something? Angry about somebody? Frustrated? Harboring a grudge? While these are all natural emotions and thoughts, none of them are really necessary. See if you can let go of them. More difficult than it sounds, I know, but it’s worth the effort.

10. Create a sacred space

 Nothing says sacred space like a simple shrine, made very personal to you, on a small table or corner of your room. Follow these steps to get set up:

  • Light tea lights—our favorite are made of beeswax. Turn off the lights and let the flicker of warm, soft light soothe you.
  • Use Incense or essential oils—scent is a powerful way to define a space and can make it calming and enjoyable.
  • Add an inspiring image, which can be a photo of nature or someone who inspires you or any object that is beautiful to you.
  • Place a small carpet and a few throw pillows on the floor in front of your space. Use meditation cushions and create your blissful space.

Giving yourself the gift of quiet and calm. It changes the quality of life. You become more open and receptive. This year, gift yourself a decluttered mind and environment. 🙂 🙂 

Iti Jain

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ItI jain

Yogi. Blogger. Storyteller After, a decade of being a fitness enthusiast and various trial and errors with corporate jobs and teaching (post a PG degree in Management).



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