Day 2: Dubai is Hot but the People are Warmer!

Day 2 – June 28, ’13 – Dubai

For a city that’s created in the Desert, Dubai is incredibly green – in fact it’s often greener than the Garden City I come from! And the

Vrikshasana on a boat yoga on water
Meanwhile Neetu prefers Vrikshasana to Shavasana!

desert-city tag hides the fact that Dubai has a very impressive Sea-farer’s culture. The Beaches are dotted with Hotels; but the real fun is to go out into sea on a boat. Thanks to our wonderful hosts we did just that last night. Ashok is a deep-sea diver and Captain of his own boat. On a spin last eve; I realized just how wonderful SHAVASANA is on a rocking yacht! 🙂

Friday mornings in Dubai don’t exist they say. The day begins after 11am! Yogis, though, love our mornings…irrespective of how much sleep we might get the previous night; we’re hard-wired to seek out the morning sun! And so, I land up jogging and doing Yoga on these surreal green lawns – where desert sand (and nothing else) would have existed 15 years ago. The grass is imported from Holland I’m told. Perhaps the only advantage of Globalisation is can think of (apart from Yoga taking over the world, of course!)

Today we meet our old friends and students – Neetu and I taught Artistic Yoga for 3 years in Dubai – and it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. I’ve always said – DUBAI IS HOT BUT THE PEOPLE ARE WARMER!





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