TOTAL YOGA classes are a dynamic power yoga-cum-meditative experience! The yoga classes are designed to take students to higher levels of Fitness helping in weight-loss, and also to introduce them to deeper levels of Peace. They are ideal for people of any age, fitness level or prior experience in yoga.

Currently, Total Yoga classes in Singapore are held in the East Coast Parkway area.

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The yoga classes in Singapore are one hour each and are held three times a week on alternate days. Total Yoga classes are not a yoga course but rather a progressing yoga practice. Each class will have about 10 – 25 students on an average.
First, register through phone or mail for a Complimentary Trial Class at any of our studios. After meeting your teacher, share your concerns and aspirations, and then after the trial class, you can join classes on a regular basis.
TOTAL YOGA personal training is a highly customized, result-oriented and exclusive offering. Our yoga teachers analyze your fitness and stress levels, and design a specific program especially for you. Progress is monitored and results checked every month. Classes are given at your residence.
It is ideal for people of any age, fitness level or prior experience in yoga. Classes are one hour each and are given 3 times a week on alternate days, depending on yours’ and the teacher’s mutual convenience.
First, Contact us through phone or mail and schedule your first yoga class. After meeting your yoga teacher, share your concerns and aspirations, and then after the class, you can sign up for yoga classes for a month.

TOTAL YOGA Corporate Training is a unique, customized Corporate Yoga program that is designed to re-energize employees and bring back the fun and joy of working!Often most corporate employees wear a jaded look – the result of years of work stress and continuous deadlines. Total Yoga corporate programs seek to address this issue by treating each session as an un-learning process, and not another corporate skills-learning event!The corporate yoga programs can be held at your Office (even at your workstations!) for a day or as a recurring session or as an off-site session during your annual conference or meet. We sit with the HR team to understand the breadth and depth of your needs and then design the yoga program accordingly. Contact us through mail or phone, and we can schedule an appointment to discuss the yoga program. Past clients include Accenture (Bangalore), 3 (Pune), Amdocs (Pune), Sandvik (Pune), HSBC GLT (Pune), Lum Chang Building Contractors (Singapore), Philip Morris (Singapore). Corporate Yoga & Desktop Yoga programs are being conducted at DELL (Bangalore), Embrace (Bangalore), Grant Thornton (Bangalore).
TOTAL YOGA conducts Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation workshops for Clubs, Housing Societies, Social Events, Associations, Charities, Hospitals, Children’s Groups and more. These workshops are usually Yoga-related such as ‘Yoga for Diabetes’ camps or ‘Stress-buster Breathing’ workshops and so on.
Contact us through phone or mail and we can discuss the breadth of your needs and schedule the yoga event either at your location or at our studios. Special Yoga Workshops are gladly held for Special Needs children,Orphanages and Old Age Homes.
TOTAL YOGA conducts out-station Yoga Retreats at scenic, natural locales around India. These are wonderful opportunities to unwind and recharge, whilst being in the lap of nature. The Yoga Retreats include Sunrise and Sunset yoga and pranayam, Nature walks, Social-community building activities, Dancing and Celebrating and much more. You develop abiding friendships with the other participants and the entire experience is one to cherish for a lifetime, or at least till you go on your next Yoga Retreat!!
We will announce through our newsletter and on the website calendar when the next retreat is scheduled. You can reserve your place by contacting us through mail or phone. So watch this space!

Singapore classes

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