Children are the greatest (yoga) teachers.

One of the effects of doing #yogaeveryday has been that I look at each situation in a new light. So one day when I was trying to explain to my toddler the concept of time (today, tomorrow etc), it dawned on me that he clearly, is interested, only in the here and now! “Living in the moment”  or the art of now, is something that the experienced Yogis do and we all aspire to. So what makes children such natural yogis?  It is a known fact that Children are our greatest teachers.

1. Children love whole heartedly. LOVE has to come on top of my list, as the world needs a whole lot of it today! Children have an abundance of #LOVE, they love you, unconditionally, with big smiles and open arms. They also love life. They stop and smell the flowers (literally) and admire everything about life. Try going for a walk with a toddler, be it on a beach or in the park. There is a stop at every second, turning each shell or picking up stones or looking intricately at each bee play with a flower! As adults we have stopped doing that. I can hear you thinking, “yeah thats coz we have chores to do, jobs to go to, social media to update!!”, yes but, those things are always going to be there!  Its also nice to STOP, #BREATHE and soak in the beauty of what is around us, appreciate life before it passes us by!

2. Children are honest and transparent. During a swim lesson, my son who was crying for most of it, and looking at the swim instructor like he was an ORC from the lord of the rings, suddenly perked up and shouted out loudly, “mummy that man has a big tummy”.. pointing at a guy coming out of the pool! I had to walk away, as quickly as I could, hoping the man had not heard my son. But in reality, my boy was just stating what he saw. There was no malice in that, it was just a fact… try telling that to the man coming out of the pool though! Eeek! Children don’t mince words and say things just to make you feel good. They are completely honest, open as a book, no sarcasm, no deceit, no pretences, no false praises. Black or White. What are your reactions to adults who are like that? Do you find them offensive? Think about it.

3. Kids  truly live in the moment. Like I was saying at the start, its really hard to explain the concept of time to a toddler. Try explaining, the concept of today and tomorrow to someone who wants something right now. It all makes sense to us but for a child, this moment is the most important one. I have stopped telling my son, something we are doing in the future, because he does not understand, he wants to do it right now. I have also noticed, he may be crying about something but then in a second, that crying can stop and switch to a giggle or a smile. As an adult, of course, there are responsibilities and we do need some forward planning. It is also nice to look back and cherish memories gone past, however, living in stress about what’s to come or not come, or what has been is just not effective for the current moment. I guess that is why it’s called “the art of now”,  it is an art, something we have to re-learn and master along the way. If we could all drop the baggage, life could be so much lighter!

4. They dont have the concept of fear. Children are fearless, they can climb trees, high jungle gyms, jump off things that are way higher than they are. They always want to give something a go, very rarely do they stop and think. Unless they are shy or they have been warned by adults in previous scenarios, they are happy to try out anything. Then as adults what happens to that fearlessness. I really struggle with this. I am a very VERY risk averse person and I am sure that is quite a common thing. How many times have we looked at an amazing yoga asana and thought, “theres no way i can do that” yet, with practice and time and the right mental attitude, that asana can easily come to us too!

5. They laugh without a care! If you hear little kids laugh its always real and full of life. There is no way you can control your smile, when you hear a child laugh. Humour is a strong yogi attribute. Laughing at yourself, not taking yourself too seriously, plus seeing the lighter side of life. Have you done that lately? If you have brilliant, I hope you continue, if not, do it, just let go and roar out a laugh. It is the sweetest medicine you can give your body and mind. You can relieve yourself from tension, relax your muscles and infect some people along the way 🙂


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