Awareness in Relationships

Detachment Though Yoga is much of withdrawing from the world and it's' distracting concerns (vairagya or detachment). I think Yoga and relationships are intimately connected. You know how Yoga is effective in relieving stress. Relationships can either be a source of great strength or great tension in your life. So let's understand how does Yoga work in Relationships Yoga and relationships Relationships get crowded by many things like resentment, lack of trust and lack of communication. As tensions in your mind are manifested in your body. Similarly, tensions also affect your partner which may affect your relationship. Yoga is practiced by being mindful. Eventually, this helps you understand your own mind patterns. So, this help in understanding yourself and your vrittis. Thereby widening your perspective. Thus, it helps us in introspecting and  having realistic expectations from other person.  It's like building your own strength rather than fostering dependency. Conclusion Yoga helps us expand the physical and emotional power. All the tensions can be considered as blockages in the flow of energy. Yoga practice balances our energy.  So practicing yoga, either alone or with your partner, transforms your attitude and environment. "When you change, the world around you changes." Sumitra Chachar