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Simple tips to take awesome Yoga photos

Yoga Practice November 26, 2017

Social media is flooding with #yoga photos.  Posting yoga “selfies”  and photos has become quite a phenomenon. And for some people (like me) who are not camera friendly, posing in an asana, for the camera is a task. I’m no seasoned expert by any means when it comes to  photography.  But I am blessed with a sister …

Yomaste Bhutan: the road to Happiness!

Yoga Practice June 24, 2017

YOMASTE BHUTAN: Yoga – Travel – Culture Mark your dates: from Nov 1-5, Total Yoga & Byond Travel host YOMASTE BHUTAN in ‘the Happiest Country in the World’. Immerse Yourself in Yoga, Meditation & Detox, Trekking up the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, riverside Picnics and a whole lot of Celebrating with a group of like-minded Travellers! Join us on this Yomaste Adventure! >> Firstly, why should You …

Yoga for a Great Cause!

Yoga Practice February 14, 2017

Want to get fit, challenge yourself, inspire change and use yoga to sponsor a child through school? Head to Cubbon park on Sunday, the 26th for our Karma Yogathon.  First of all, thankyou dear yogis for coming out in hordes and supporting #Karma Yogathon 2016. It is that time of the year again and we …

Wackiest place you’ve ever done Yoga?

Yoga Practice October 27, 2015

A few months ago, when the Bangalore Mirror newspaper wanted to highlight the odious traffic problems that we have in Bangalore; they came out with an interesting idea. What are the different things that people could actually do at a Traffic jam? Maybe play Chess? Or set up a Stall selling fashion accessories? How about …

YOGI TREK: Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta Yoga

Yoga Practice April 7, 2015

‘Yogi Trek’ was conceptualized as an outdoor fitness cum meditative experience – to take yogis outside the Yoga studio! The Ancient Yogis did a lot of trekking and walking in the Himalayas; however as modern yogis we find that our range of physical training is limited to asanas. So in order to have a well-rounded …

Total Yoga embraces Earth Hour!

Yoga Practice March 30, 2015

Over the years, Earth Hour, supported by WWF has grown to become a really huge celebration and reminder to all of us that ‘Yes, life is possible without or essentially with reduced usage of Electricity!’ It a call out to all to stop the indiscriminate waste of electricity and to Go Green! This year EARTH …

RUN+YOGA Bangalore & Pune

Yoga Practice March 17, 2015

RUN+YOGA! is a Fitness session that brings together Runners and Yogis. Starting with a 3-5K run, all participants then practice 1hr of Total Yoga, pranayam & mindfulness. It’s designed for everyone – from the fittest folks to people wanting to embark on a fitness regime. It’s great because you get to train in the 2 …

#beYOGI – Yoga in the Park & Karma Yoga

Yoga Practice May 27, 2014

TOTAL YOGA invites you to come out and do YOGA for a good cause. YOU will be donating the nominal fee for Yoga-in-the-Park session to the Little Sisters of the Poor’s ‘Home for the Aged’. So that’s 2 good reasons to join us this Saturday morning!! YOGA-in-the-PARK is a great way to experience the dynamism of …


Yoga Practice January 26, 2014

Why ‘TOTAL’? To understand what TOTAL YOGA is, is to know why it’s called TOTAL in the first place?   TOTAL YOGA was conceptualized as a complete Yoga experience – not just limited to Asanas and Pranayam. The Total Yoga Experience covers these 2 aspects and also Meditation which is intrinsic to Yoga practice.   While these 3 elements form …


Yoga Practice January 16, 2014

Worldwide, there’s been a movement to take Yoga outside of the studios and into the open parks! In the summer months; everywhere in America and Europe – Yogis stretch, sweat and breathe in the great outdoor parks. In India too, people practice in the mornings in parks although it tends to be more Pranayam practitioners. YOGA-in-the-PARK Pune …



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