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10 hilarious yoga quotes

Yoga Practice September 17, 2017

There is nothing in life as contagious as laughter and good humour. And yogis are skilled at laughing at themselves. Don’t’ believe me. Try it for yourselves. Always find a reason to laugh, it adds life to your years. Iti Jain

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How Yoga taught me the power of mind

Yoga Practice September 16, 2017

Hello everyone!! We all have either heard or read about the power of our mind. But, a lot of us have not used it wisely or we are still unaware about its potential. In the recent years a lot of books have been published which tells us about the power of our thoughts and our …

Know your asana- GOMUKASANA

Yoga Practice September 14, 2017

Gomukasana is a seated yoga asana. It stretches the hips and opens the shoulders. The cow face pose is great for relaxation and destressing. This is due to the increased breathing capacity in this asana. What is so special about¬†Gomukasana? Sitting upright with your spine aligned calms the mind and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. …

Have you taken your yoga props to work today?

Yoga Practice September 12, 2017

Many people use props in yoga, BKS Iyengar first introduced props to the modern yoga practice to allow people of ages and abilities to benefit from yoga. Props are supportive and helpful when facing obstacles or limitations on the mat. So what are the Yoga props that you can take to your workplace to help …

Finding Yoga in Africa

Yoga Practice September 11, 2017

For most of us, holidays involve a lot of travel, food and wine. It is so easy to neglect our healthy diet and fitness routine when exploring new places and having too much fun. Practicing Yoga helps improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being when travelling. Travellers practicing yoga are able to feel at home …

10 Inspirational quotes to get you on the yoga mat

Yoga Practice September 10, 2017

Hello everyone!! There are days we are lazy or we find a thousand excuses to skip yoga or our workout. But these yoga quotes will motivate you to lay your mat and focus on your mind, body and breath!! Let’s focus on “Wellness inside out”!!   Quotes to help you sweat on your mat  

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Know your asana – MERUDANDASANA

Yoga Practice September 7, 2017

Babies are natural yogis! Just watch a baby playing, you’ll see them twisting, bending, putting their toes into their mouths, raising their shoulders & head and so many variations of yoga asanas. Similarly, Merudandasana is a playful posture which stretches the hips and hamstrings. This is also called the balancing bear pose. What is special …

Mindful cooking and eating

Yoga Practice September 6, 2017

From the time we are born we all enjoy delicious food. And we love variety. I remember when I was growing up, I was fussy about my food and my mom’s concern was to feed me nutritious food and inculcate mindful eating as a habit. From my teens, I ¬†started enjoying cooking. And when I …

Know your asana- VRIKSHASANA

Yoga Practice August 18, 2017

Travelling from the sages to the urban yogi, Vrikshasana (Tree pose) represents the grace and serenity of a tree. In the famous Hindu mythology “Ramayan”, Ravana performs severe penances standing in Vrikshasana to win favours from the Gods. He stood in the posture for months with absolute determination and concentration which eventually lead to, Ravana …



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