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Yoga for a Great Cause!

Want to get fit, challenge yourself, inspire change and use yoga to sponsor a child through school? Head to Cubbon park on Sunday, the 26th for our Karma Yogathon.  First of all, thankyou dear yogis for coming out in hordes and supporting #Karma Yogathon 2016. It is that time of the year again and we have loftier goals this time around. We are hopeful about raising enough money to put 10 kids through a year of school at Vidya.   Vidya foundation : Vidya is an amazing non-profit NGO that specialises in the education, empowerment and transformation of lesser-privileged children and women through programs that include award winning schools, computer training, micro finance and social entrepreneurship. Founded in 1985, Vidya now offers programs in some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai and Bangalore creating better futures for children.    Total Yoga : Here at Total yoga, we have always been about being a socially conscious yet fun-loving band of yogis who believe in the importance of community. Being good at Yoga for us translates to being good at life and about inspiring people to take yoga from beyond the mat and into the world. Join us for a morning of 108 surya namaskars as a way to bond with the yoga community and help a great cause. Ways you can participate : This year we hope to sponsor 10 Children through a year at Vidya.  SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! Please share the event, invite your friends and Inspire your colleagues to join us – they’ll get fit as we help them train to be able to do 108 Surya Namaskaars; and they’re contributing to a wonderful cause! Do use #KarmaYogathon #108SuryasforVidya when you share socially! SALUTE THE SUN [...]

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Wackiest place you’ve ever done Yoga?

A few months ago, when the Bangalore Mirror newspaper wanted to highlight the odious traffic problems that we have in Bangalore; they came out with an interesting idea. What are the different things that people could actually do at a Traffic jam? Maybe play Chess? Or set up a Stall selling fashion accessories? How about shaving? And the wackiest idea of them all - how about doing Yoga on the car-tops?? We loved the idea and jumped in headlong. Of course, it's all in good humour and you're better off sticking to Pranayam and Breathing-based Meditations sitting 'inside' the car. Although the occasional Asana on roof-top never hurt anyone! :) Breathing-based Meditation at Traffic signals: This is best done at a traffic signal that has a counter so you know how much time you have! Often the eyes get really tired when driving and so start by closing your eyes. Sit straight and place your palms on your thighs. Start breathing deeply (Ujjayi pranayam if possible) while holding the breath inside for a considerably longer duration. Count down the breaths from 11 to 0. Hopefully, you've timed this well enough to finish before Red turns to Green! (Else reduce the number of breaths) And if you're worried whether the light would turn whilst you're sitting pretty with your eyes closed - no chance of that happening in India....everyone behind you will serve up a timely 'horny' reminder! :) Only, this time you'll not be stressed with all the horning noise!! Key Learning: We learnt that the roofs of almost all cars are quite flimsy and in case you ever do any asanas on top. keep both feet close to the edges of the roof! :) [...]

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YOGI TREK: Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta Yoga

‘Yogi Trek’ was conceptualized as an outdoor fitness cum meditative experience – to take yogis outside the Yoga studio! The Ancient Yogis did a lot of trekking and walking in the Himalayas; however as modern yogis we find that our range of physical training is limited to asanas. So in order to have a well-rounded natural fitness experience as well as to do Pranayam outdoors; we introduced monthly Yogi Treks to places around Bangalore city. We also found that Meditation happened spontaneously to students in the great outdoors as compared to in the studio classes! This Yogi Trek we are going to Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta! On Saturday April 11 , we will reach there by about 7am (through car-pooling) and then practice Yoga for half an hour before we start the trek. Once we've ascended to the peak, we will spend time doing Pranayam & Meditation. Later, on descent we'll stop at a hotel/ dhaba on the way for brunch before returning to Bangalore! Rangaswamy Betta   From Wikipedia: Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta is a hill near Kanakapura town. It is located 70 km south of Bangalorecity. Atop the hill is a temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha Swamy. The temple and an adjacent quarters is housed underneath a huge granite rock. The hill is also known by the name Billikal Betta due to the whitish rocks near the summit that is visible from a long distance. The peak is at a height of 3780 feet (1152 m). Biodiversity Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta belongs to the Forest Reserve and is filled with shrub forest. Elephants and other medium sized wild-life animals can be spotted in these forest.The vegetation of the hill is typical of high hills. The vegetation is quite thick especially in post monsoon season. The [...]

Total Yoga embraces Earth Hour!

Over the years, Earth Hour, supported by WWF has grown to become a really huge celebration and reminder to all of us that 'Yes, life is possible without or essentially with reduced usage of Electricity!' It a call out to all to stop the indiscriminate waste of electricity and to Go Green! This year EARTH HOUR Bangalore partnered with Total Yoga to create an event that had people practising Yoga and Meditation during the Eartth Hour on 28th March between 8:30-9:30pm which was the hour that worldwide we saw the lights go off!  

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RUN+YOGA Bangalore & Pune

RUN+YOGA! is a Fitness session that brings together Runners and Yogis. Starting with a 3-5K run, all participants then practice 1hr of Total Yoga, pranayam & mindfulness. It's designed for everyone - from the fittest folks to people wanting to embark on a fitness regime. It's great because you get to train in the 2 most natural fitness activities that require NO equipment! (and that you can do wherever you travel) After Running the body will be warmed up enough allowing you to stretch to your limit in Yoga; and then you will also strengthen your Core muscles and learn to Breathe, Relax and become Mindful. RUN+YOGA! happens at BANGALORE (Indiranagar: Total Yoga ONEness Centre & Whitefield: Jagriti Theatre) and PUNE (Kalyaninagar: Joggers' Park + Artsphere Pune) TIMING: Assembly at 7:30am. RSVP: 9740980200 (B'lore), 9503582479 (Pune)

#beYOGI – Yoga in the Park & Karma Yoga

TOTAL YOGA invites you to come out and do YOGA for a good cause. YOU will be donating the nominal fee for Yoga-in-the-Park session to the Little Sisters of the Poor's 'Home for the Aged'. So that's 2 good reasons to join us this Saturday morning!! Yoga-in-the-Park! YOGA-in-the-PARK is a great way to experience the dynamism of Asana, the power of Pranayam and the serenity of Meditation in the outdoors as we host a session at Cubbon Park this Saturday. The 1 hour session will involve a dynamic, Hatha-yoga inspired TOTAL YOGI work-out which is composed of Sun Salutations, Asanas to stretch and strengthen every major muscle group, Balance postures and Inversions. This is followed by Relaxation, Pranayam and Meditation making it the most complete program for a Yogi working on Body, Mind & Spirit. This may be the last chance to do YOGA in Cubbon Park before the Monsoons kick in! SAT, 31 May at 8:15am @ Cubbon Park (at the rock formation opposite the Queen Victoria statue & Bal Bhavan); Carry your Yoga Mats; Rs 350 (which you will donate at the Home for the Aged) Karma Yoga - volunteering for Seniors Once we have wrapped up YOGA-in-the-PARK, we proceed for a quick breakfast and then head on to engage in KARMA YOGA Volunteering work. For 30 minutes, YOU will be part of the team to help teach basic Yoga stretches and breathing to the wonderful Seniors at the Home for the Aged. Even spending time interacting with them is very special for them and a wonderful experience for us. The Little Sisters of the Poor run this Missionary Home with donations from well-wishers and it is truly one of [...]

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