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5 Self-Transformation lessons that Easter teaches Us all

I was born a Christian and for years I've reflected on the significance of Jesus' message in my Life and on the Culture of our World. For starters, we call this year we're living in 2016, mainly because it's 2016 years since Jesus' birth! For one MAN to mark Time for the entire Human Race is perhaps the greatest tribute that could be paid to anyone! Amongst the greatest luminaries and Men of Ideas of the Western Civilization; from Socrates to Newton, da Vinci to Darwin, this simple Man's Idea of LOVE has stood the test of time....of 2 Millennia! So today, I reflect on what Easter means in terms of daily living. > (In recent years, rightly so, it has been changed from B.C. (before Christ) to BCE (before Common Era) and A.D. (Anno Domini) to CE (Common Era). That's how it should be, promoting a more inclusive World Culture and so we find ourselves in 2016 CE.) 1) The Ultimate TRANSFORMATION. Easter represents the Ultimate Transformation; a transformation from Death to Life. Overcoming Death is a Metaphor for overcoming the negative, repetitive habits we possess and transforming ourselves into the Person we aspire to be. It would be naive to say from Good to Bad; but transforming from undesirable habit patterns deeply ingrained in our Psyche to our true, liberated, joyful Selves. This is at an everyday level. Easter is all about such Transformation, about being Re-Born. In Indian philosophy we use the prefix Dwij...twice-born, to represent a Master. Proficiency in any subject merely makes you an Expert; the word Master (or Buddha) is reserved for those rare Individuals who have through self-study, 'Master'ed the workings of their own Self and thereby Transformed! 2) Transformation is HUMANLY possible! The beauty of the entire story is [...]

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5 Life Lessons my Doggie taught me …

Most of us have had a Pet at some point in our Life, and if we haven't then we should definitely experience it. It's a remarkable experience and our lives will certainly be more richer through it. Exactly 2 full moons ago, my Partner and I chanced upon a post on Facebook asking if someone would adopt a rescued Labrador. We had been looking for a Dog and immediately volunteered. By that night, not only had She attended a full moon Meditation session with us, she also had a name...LOVE! :) Over the next 50 days, she became the centre of our attention and an integral part of our Yoga classes, as she would attend every class that Neetu taught at our Total Yoga Centre. During these 2 months, here are 5 things that I learnt ... 1) Life has Multiple Perspectives. Walking LOVE everyday, I would be surprised at what caught her attention. While we Humans are more reliant on Seeing things, Love would Smell her way, curiously discovering the neighbourhood. I quickly gathered that LIFE CAN'T BE HUMAN-CENTRIC ONLY and that even amongst us Humans, every Environment and Experience pivoted differently depending on our own interests. MY PERSPECTIVE can never be the sole one, in fact everyone sees life differently. That has helped me be more patient and inclusive in my relationships with everyone. 2) Unconditional Love! Real Love. Unconditionally. It was incredible to be welcomed with the same loving affection every single day irrespective of whether I came late, didn't walk her in the morning or didn't play with her. I experienced what is meant by 'non-judgemental', and that sort of love is what truly liberates a person in any relationship. To look into her compassionate eyes was worth much [...]

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Yoga@workplace – Be a cool yogi bear at work!

Good Morning Workoholics! Every week, I will be posting some information about Yoga at the workplace to try and assist you, the office goer, money spinner, bread winner with some tips on how to use Yoga at your workplace. Summer months are upon us and it is unbearably hot by 8:00 am as you are heading to work! You get a sweat on, travelling in the heat and dust, frustrated in traffic and cant wait to get to your air conditioned office (if you are lucky to have that). Air conditioning does feel good in this heat and is a luxury a lot of us can afford these days but how do we beat the heat without it! Here are some tips that are very simple and basic to follow: 1. Yoga: At work, you can try Sheetali Pranayama. Anyone having low blood pressure should be aware that these cooling pranayamas can bring the pressure down even further. Sitting in a comfortable position at your desk, back is straight. Hands are on your palms (ideally this is done sitting in a meditative posture). Then rolling your tongue, take a breath in through the mouth for 4 counts. The breath as it goes into the body is cooled down by the tongue. Exhale through both the nostrils for 6 counts. Do this for a few rounds and slowly increase the time after practicing for a few days. Bhramari Pranayam The other variation is Sheetkari Pranayama which is also a cooling breath and Bhramari pranayama to reduce anxiety and stress that the heat may cause. Also try the silent OM chant, that brings the heart rate down and cools the mind! And fall back on the best most [...]

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Yoga@Workplace – The 5 Elements at work!

Good Day Morning Yogis! You have heard of the 5 Elements of Nature, also known as the Panchmahabhutas in Ayurveda. Our universe is made up of these 5 main elements and are an integral part of us. Being an integral part of us, I started thinking of how we could use these in the work environment. Using the elements of Nature not literally but adapting them to our daily working life. There are many interpretations of the 5 elements in Ayurveda, in Vastu shastra, in identifying our body types but I'm keeping it simple. Here is my take on the 5 elements at work! Air - Vayu - Breathe! Use your breath to energise yourself. Beat stress, stay calm, stay centered. Using Ujjayi breath during the day will just help you keep your wits about you and keep your nerves calm. At least once in your 9-5 work day, take 10 minutes out and do Pranayam and meditation. Sidhasana for Meditation Water - Jala - Hydrate throughout the day. Water does amazing things to your body, keeps you fresh and alert, cleanses, oxygenates. Keep a bottle by your workspace and measure how much water you drink everyday. Earth - Prithvi - At work be grounded! Be strong. Have dreams and expectations, work hard, but make sure you have your feet firmly on the ground, not floating away with your ideas. Fire - Agni -  Keep the fire in your belly burning! Have the grit and determination to go behind your goals, your dreams. Do what you think is right and to believe in yourself. You can keep the fire in your belly alive by doing 3 rounds of Agnisar Kriya every day! Be [...]

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Grab Happiness and experience it!

Don't hesitate - grab happiness with both hands and hug it as strongly as you can! I have been feeling nervous and almost sick with something that has been happening in my life recently. Did you think it was something bad? No actually it was something good, very good and I felt like it was too good to be true for me! Nervous butterflies in the stomach, is this really happening to me? I could not even sleep at night because of the nerves! Its only in hindsight when my fellow Yogi suggested that maybe its just that I was not accepting that I have this happiness waiting for me, that I realised that is what was making me feel funny! That took me by surprise! Is that what it is? are my doubts, fears, nerves, a result of me being worried about being happy! Believe in yourself Today, on Women's day, I share that thought with you! Are you not exploring the full potential of being happy? Women all over the world, are these strong pillars in the family, who are always full of love, empathy, sacrifice. Within the family, we mothers, usually are the ones (there are Dads too) who everyone goes to for any and every need. We always (well in most cases) makes adjustments in our lives to put the needs of everyone else first. We are the ones rushing around making sure you get to your appointment/school/work on time. Making sure there is food on the table every day, make your house look like a home, and much more. This is a good thing. We can do this because we are strong and courageous. We are balanced and can [...]

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Yoga@Workplace – Love your work!

Good Day Yogis! "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Confucius As it was Valentine's day when I wrote this, I couldn't help myself but mention about love! There are many experiences of love in one's life, from falling in love with your soul mate, unconditional love for your children, respectful love for your parents, love for siblings and friends, love for your work! And as we are focussed on the workplace, lets talk about "Love for your work"! If you are someone who loves what you do for work then you are really lucky as most of us tend to be at work for most of our life! So if you are in a monotonous job that you dont enjoy or love, how do you get into a frame of mind to love your work? Here are a few pointers: Practice Gratitude. Be grateful for all the things that you have in your life. Consider that in this economic situation, with inflation, redundancies, lack of job opportunities, you are grateful to have a job. Dont focus on the negatives, look at the positives. Make a list of what you like about your work, the hours, the people you work with, proximity to work, could be anything. Make your workspace a brighter place. Have pictures of your loved ones, inspirational sayings, a flower that brightens your day. Remove clutter, keep your desk tidy! Whatever works for you. Practice doing at least one kind deed everyday! Doing a deed for the pure pleasure of making someone else happy will brighten your day immensely. Karmayoga, is something we do often, come join us! Look at the bigger picture. It may be that [...]

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