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What is Yoga?

As the crescendo of International Yoga Day builds up; it's worth spending awhile contemplating what Yoga really is? In it's modern-day avatar, Yoga has become a Panacea for all manner of ills. It's a Fitness regime, Stress-buster, a Holistic lifestyle, Spiritual discipline and much more. So how can a single stream of study cater to so many different human needs? At the outset, it's interesting to consider that Yoga is perhaps the most comprehensive study of a Human Being ever conducted. Both in terms of Breadth of Subject matter (body, mind, consciousness) studied and Duration of the research (5,000 years!) Yoga is an Experiment with one's Body, Mind & Spirit in the quest of Liberation and Transcendence. That's what Yoga essentially is. Since ancient times, when a Man/Woman began questioning Life and their place in the vastness of the Universe; they turned towards Introspection and Meditation to seek Answers. That process is what we call Yoga. As incredulous as it may seem, this 5000 year-old discipline has never gotten outdated! In spite of several Millennia worth of transformation; Man's essential Questions have remained the same. And hence Yoga still is relevant. In fact not only is it still relevant, Yoga is thriving like never before. From a spiritual pursuit undertaken by a few under their Guru's watch; Yoga has metamorphosed into something of a Pop-Culture phenomenon! Yoga is one of 6 traditional 'Darshans' (literally 'to see') of Indian philosophy: Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa - Uttara & Purva (also called Vedanta), Samkhya and Yoga. Yoga is the most practical of all philosophical systems in the world and has gained popularity being a holistic regime that is beneficial for body, mind and spirit. Traditionally there are 4 forms of Yoga, and based on [...]

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Julley! 5 lessons I learnt about doing Yoga in Ladakh.

We recently completed our successful #YomasteLadakh Yoga retreat, taking 43 brave-hearts on an epic Yoga journey through the stunning locales of Ladakh, culminating in a full-moon night Meditation on Buddha Purnima itself! Each of the 8 days we spent exploring Ladakh was a memory of a lifetime; and taught us important life lessons as well. The sights were stunning beyond words - Ladakh is surely where the IncredibleIndia moniker must have been conceived! Here's 5 things I learnt about doing Yoga in Ladakh. High Altitude = Shortness of Breath.  Ladakh is not a hill-station, it's a Himalayan mountain post. And as soon as you land at the Airport, all you hear is that you should take rest for the first 24-36 hours to acclimatise to the high altitude. If you follow these instructions, you'll be fine. Even so however, you'll be surprised how walking up a couple of flights of stairs while talking simultaneously makes you experience shortness of breath. That's where our Pranayam training is so beneficial in adapting to the high altitude of Ladakh. Yogis have been living in high altitude for thousands of years, and Yoga was conceived as a holistic Lifestyle regimen for this yogis living at these sorts of altitudes. Even Running and other cardio training cannot prepare you the way Pranayam does. Fitness Challenge indeed! Ladakh represents an amazing Fitness challenge for anyone visiting and even more so for people Trekking, Mountaineering, Rafting or attempting the other adventure activities in Ladakh. The key to doing well in Ladakh is to remain Relaxed and not compete against the Elements. That's where Mindfulness and Meditation training helps you stay centred and relaxed. However Fit you may be in your home, Ladakh demands Respect. Many a Fitness fanatic [...]

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Practicing Yoga in Shanghai: What experience are you seeking?

The popularity of yoga (瑜伽) in Shanghai, China has taken a great leap forward over the past five years. An initial internet search easily brings up over forty yoga studios in the Shanghai area, many with several branches, and this number is not inclusive of fitness clubs with yoga offerings on their class rosters. The rising wealth of the city and a growing focus on quality of life have opened up a huge market space for the health and wellness industry, easily visible in trends like the boom in farm-to-table restaurants and health food eateries like Hunter Gatherer and Sproutworks, wellness centers and educational collectives like Sprout Lifestyle and Octave. The yoga scene, arguably already well-established before the peak of this wellness trend, has benefitted tremendously. Even while maintaining a prohibitively high price point, the last five years have seen yoga broaden its membership from an expat niche market to a primarily well-heeled local Shanghainese base. This blog aims to provide a flavor of yoga studios in Shanghai across the broad range of offerings available here. I tried out both the large, high-end yoga chains such as Y+ and the smaller bespoke studios such as Red Door. Having moved to Shanghai after several years of living and practicing yoga in India, I admit that I initially experienced yoga culture shock. Shanghai definitely has a unique yoga culture often highly influenced by U.S. fitness focus and, perhaps more interestingly, mixed with Taoist energy practices and philosophy. Here’s my experience with four studios in Shanghai. The Big Players Y+ Y+ Yoga Studio Chain One of the most established high-end yoga chains in the city, Y+ was the first studio I tried upon arriving in Shanghai. [...]

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5 Ways that I use Yoga, Daily!

Yoga is such a vast repertoire of Knowledge that includes so many different practices which benefit your Health, Fitness, Self-understanding and much more. While the general use of Yoga is as a 1 hour Exercise regime, there's a whole lot more that you can incorporate into your Daily routine to improve the Quality of your everyday living. Here are 5 ways in which I use Yoga daily in order to ease and Enrich my everyday experience of living! > Exercise: Yoga as an exercise form is quite amazing. I use Yoga as my main form of Exercise to stretch, strengthen and tone all my muscles, joints and internal organs! My 1 hour routine would include everything from Surya Namaskaars, specially chosen Asanas, Pranayam, Bandhas and Meditation. Apart from doing Yoga, I Run everyday, but that's only complimentary to my Yoga practice and if I had to make a choice on any given day due to lack of time, I'll prioritise my Yoga practice. Yoga helps me stay Healthy, Fit and Energetic - the 3 things you want from any exercise routine! > Focussing my Mind: Long before Yoga was cast as an exercise form, it had been created as a means to Focus one's Mind and explore deeper realms. Even today, the range of Yogic practices devised to Focus, Concentrate and generally stay Present are unparalleled in all of mind-work. This is a testament to the longevity of Yoga's appeal, that 3 millennia after some of these practices were mastered they are still just as efficient! I use Chanting ('Sumiran' in Sanskrit), Deep Breathing and practices like Trathak to focus my Mind either when all hell is breaking loose around me, or even just to get through the [...]

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Indian Govt to pass Law of 33% Reservation for Men in Yoga classes

India's HRD Ministry today announced that the Government is looking to pass a Law regarding 33% Reservation for Men in all Yoga ashrams and centers across India. The Indian Government has been closely associated with Yoga ever since the PM had called for the United Nations to adopt June 21st as the International Day of Yoga in 2014. In fact, at the International Yoga Day last year, the PM was part of 35,000 people who did Yoga together at Rajpath in Delhi. This was organised by the AYUSH Ministry creating the Guinness World Record for the largest Yoga class! Indian PM Narednra Modi performs Yoga The HRD Minister said that, 'Yoga is a part of India's spiritual and cultural heritage, and traditionally most Yogis were Men. In fact, even the Gods do Yoga!' The statement went on to say that the trend of Women being a majority in modern, studio Yoga classes was a Western Yoga influence where Yoga is treated mainly as an exercise form. In fact, the latest Yoga Journal & Yoga Alliance statistics in the U.S. show that 81% of Yogis in studio classes are women. India's Yoga Gurus throw their weight behind the proposed law This announcement from the HRD Ministry has been hailed by India's pre-eminent troika of Yoga Gurus. Incidentally, Baba, Sri Sri and Sadguru had supported the PM's call for International Day of Yoga and had conducted mass events last June 21st. In fact, Sri Sri had conducted a Yoga session at the UN General Assembly in New York. International Yoga Brands to wait and watch before launching in India Lululemon, Gaiam and Manduka - the best-known international Yoga merchandise brands have been waiting to enter into the booming Indian Yoga market. [...]

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5 Self-Transformation lessons that Easter teaches Us all

I was born a Christian and for years I've reflected on the significance of Jesus' message in my Life and on the Culture of our World. For starters, we call this year we're living in 2016, mainly because it's 2016 years since Jesus' birth! For one MAN to mark Time for the entire Human Race is perhaps the greatest tribute that could be paid to anyone! Amongst the greatest luminaries and Men of Ideas of the Western Civilization; from Socrates to Newton, da Vinci to Darwin, this simple Man's Idea of LOVE has stood the test of time....of 2 Millennia! So today, I reflect on what Easter means in terms of daily living. > (In recent years, rightly so, it has been changed from B.C. (before Christ) to BCE (before Common Era) and A.D. (Anno Domini) to CE (Common Era). That's how it should be, promoting a more inclusive World Culture and so we find ourselves in 2016 CE.) 1) The Ultimate TRANSFORMATION. Easter represents the Ultimate Transformation; a transformation from Death to Life. Overcoming Death is a Metaphor for overcoming the negative, repetitive habits we possess and transforming ourselves into the Person we aspire to be. It would be naive to say from Good to Bad; but transforming from undesirable habit patterns deeply ingrained in our Psyche to our true, liberated, joyful Selves. This is at an everyday level. Easter is all about such Transformation, about being Re-Born. In Indian philosophy we use the prefix Dwij...twice-born, to represent a Master. Proficiency in any subject merely makes you an Expert; the word Master (or Buddha) is reserved for those rare Individuals who have through self-study, 'Master'ed the workings of their own Self and thereby Transformed! 2) Transformation is HUMANLY possible! The beauty of the entire story is [...]

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