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10 best things to do in Rishikesh

Yoga Practice December 16, 2017

Rishikesh is not like the other tourist attractions in India! Yoga and the temples are just a part of the dazzle. It’s intense spiritual energy, the beauty of the Ganges and Himalayas, the all round festive spirit and the diversity makes Rishikesh a must on your bucket list. Rishikesh has the full spectrum of tourist …

World Capital of Yoga- RISHIKESH

Yoga Practice December 9, 2017

“My heart leaps up and down, as the fresh air kisses my face. No nightingale soothes my mind, like the sound of bells and River Ganga. More and more weary travellers find solace in the lush mountains and greens. Saffron clad people to people in jeans, find an abode better to their dreams. Welcome dear …

21 Day Yoga Challenge! (1080 Suryas + Daily Challenges)

Yoga Practice September 16, 2015

You’ve been practising Yoga regularly but would like to take your fitness to the next level! That’s why we’ve come up with the 21-Day-Yoga-Challenge! This is for all regular Yoga practitioners and those wanting to jump into a well-rounded, holistic Yoga practice. The base practice is 50 Surya Namaskaars everyday; building up till the finale when …

RUN+YOGA Bangalore & Pune

Yoga Practice March 17, 2015

RUN+YOGA! is a Fitness session that brings together Runners and Yogis. Starting with a 3-5K run, all participants then practice 1hr of Total Yoga, pranayam & mindfulness. It’s designed for everyone – from the fittest folks to people wanting to embark on a fitness regime. It’s great because you get to train in the 2 …


Yoga Practice January 26, 2014

Why ‘TOTAL’? To understand what TOTAL YOGA is, is to know why it’s called TOTAL in the first place?   TOTAL YOGA was conceptualized as a complete Yoga experience – not just limited to Asanas and Pranayam. The Total Yoga Experience covers these 2 aspects and also Meditation which is intrinsic to Yoga practice.   While these 3 elements form …

Total Yoga Bootcamp

Yoga Practice January 3, 2014

As the New Year dawns, most people would have taken New Year Resolutions. Top-most in that list of Resolutions tends to be ‘I’m going to get fitter this year!’ In fact Health is often the top-most priority for most people when a New Year beckons. Keeping that in mind, we at Total Yoga have decided …



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