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Funny anecdotes of Total yoga teachers

Yoga Practice February 25, 2018

We all have embarassing moments and then we have these hilarious encounters. The teachers at Total yoga are no exception, we’ve had our oops moments too! Giggle all the way to yoga, with our funny Total yogi true tales. P.S: Not naming the teachers. 🙂 Vipareet asana for the Tshirt “I had an early morning …

I’m Depressed. But is this an illness?

Yoga Practice February 6, 2018

Feeling Blue There is a dark cloud of thoughts circling in my head. Even though I get out of bed. I want to jump straight back in and go back to sleep. My body aches, my RSI throbs, reminding me its still around. I have had a bad night’s sleep. Each thought coming into my …

From an Impostor to a Teacher

Yoga Practice December 24, 2017

Loved yoga. Practiced it. Trained to become a teacher. And suddenly, one day I felt more like an impostor. Not because, the art lost it’s joy or momentum. It’s just that my understanding was not deep enough.There was a certain stagnancy, in my practice and in my classes. I was not adding any value to …



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