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Scientific Benefits of Pranayam

Yoga Practice March 11, 2018

Pranayam: Then and Now Hundred years ago, the yogi practicing Pranayam, did’nt need any proof or study to practice Pranayam. He just “felt the difference in his mind-body-energy” and he knew that he had hit the jackpot. Overtime, science studied and published the benefits of Pranayam. Which made the world acknowledge the benefits of practicing …

How Mindfulness can change your life

Yoga Practice March 10, 2018

Much ado about Mindfulness When we hear the word “Mindfulness,” we often think about a person meditating or someone who is absolutely serene! But, that’s a far stretched perception. The practice of mindfulness and meditation has been around for thousands of years. But, it’s the need of the 21st century. In our fast paced and multi-tasking …

Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic Nervous system

Yoga Practice March 5, 2018

The Stress Response Let me tell you, Sympathetic Nervous system (SNS) is a necessity.  In life threatening situations or in case of extreme stress; the body goes is “Fight-Flight” mode.  SNS is a branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which means we have no conscious control over when it is activated. Infact, the induced stress …

5 Signs that its’ time to start Meditating

Yoga Practice March 3, 2018

We know the symptoms of fever, flu, infections. And we take certain precautions and make amends for the good. Similarly, there are signs our body and mind emits. And, we need to notice them and inculcate Meditation as a daily ritual. “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont’ have to hear …

Empower yourself with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Practice March 2, 2018

What is Yoga-Nidra? Yoga-Nidra is a state between wakefulness and sleeping. While the practitioner is aware of his/her state of mind and the surrounding. Benefits of Practicing Yoga-Nidra The practice of Yoga Nidra relaxes the body and mind. Which, helps the practitioner feel  strong, rested and invigorated. The practice of Yoga Nidra activates the parasympathetic nervous system …

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Yoga Practice March 1, 2018

Anulom Vilom Pranayam is one of the most practiced pranayam throughout the world. You can practice it any number of times and at any point of time, in a meditative posture.  Also popularly called the Alternative nostril breathing. What is so special about Anulom Vilom? Its purpose is to stimulate the nadis or energy channels …

Simple Hand Mudras

Yoga Practice February 26, 2018

Different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and the brain. So when we place our hands in yoga mudras, we stimulate different areas of the brain and create a specific energy circuit in the body. By doing this, we help generate a specific state of mind. The Five Elements The …

The Art and Science of Mudras

Yoga Practice February 24, 2018

Origin of the word The Sanskrit word “Mudra” means gesture or attitude. As per the Tantra tradition, mudra comes from “mud” meaning pleasure and “dravay” meaning to draw forth. Thus, the word also means “shortcut or circuit bypass.” Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures. Which connect the individual pranic force …

How to overcome Anxiety

Yoga Practice February 15, 2018

Anxiety is a common emotional phenomenon. The degree can differ, it can be acute or serious. Anxiety is detrimental as it creates feelings of helplessness, fear, panic, anger or defeat. Overtime, it errodes the joy of living. Smoking, consuming alcohol, popping OTC pills makes it worse. If it’s more than usual, you need to visit …

Is it Safe to practice yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga Practice February 12, 2018

Yoga during Pregnancy? Yes. Yes and a big Yes! Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy, as long as you take certain precautions. Besides, for every trimester, there is a different routine. Points to Remember 1. Practice basic poses with a few modifications: Build strength and encourage flexibility with familiar poses. Use props to provide balance …



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