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What is NOT Meditation

Yoga Practice December 31, 2017

There are so many approaches to meditation and the word is used so losely, that people miscontrue the true essence of meditation. So many people think of meditation as concentration or visualization. Thanks to the incorrect information. When initially meditating, you can use structured methods or techniques. After a point of time relaxed awareness, of …

Know your asana: Swan pose

Yoga Practice December 30, 2017

Swan is a hybrid posture, that is a great hip opener and strengthens the entire torso. After getting into Ardh kapotasana, fold one knee, so that the heel touches the hip. What is so special about this asana? Different emotions are stored in different places in the body, and when we work through the layers …

Yoga cures for Stiff shoulders and neck

Yoga Practice December 28, 2017

We spend so much time on our smartphones, laptops and the other fancy gadgets. But, the hunched posture and the repetitive movement patterns these digital devices demand, can cause neck and shoulder strain. Besides, people carry their stress in their shoulders. That’s why, when the masseuse kneads your shoulders, you feel so relaxed and light. Asanas …

4 Energising Pranayams to uplift your mood

Yoga Practice December 26, 2017

  Our breathe is the magical component. As our body and emotions follow our breathe. So, having a stressful day or feeling really low? Try these energising breathing techniques to uplift your mood and day. And, please take 5 minutes off to practice them in a seated posture, with your eyes closed. Energising pranayam 1. …


Yoga Practice December 23, 2017

Paschimottanasana is a forward bending posture. This restorative asana improves flexibility and helps in calming the mind. It is believed that ancient yogis would practice facing the sunrise and Paschimottanasana would deeply stretch the entire back. Or “west,” side of their bodies as they fold forward toward the sun. What is so special about Paschimottanasana? The forward fold …

Being Healthy during Festivals and Holidays

Yoga Practice December 21, 2017

It’s Christmas time in the city!! Snow, Santa, Gifts, family, friends, food, indulgence, togetherness and sharing, are the keywords that strike my mind thinking of this holiday season. Let me share a few tips of how you can take care of your beautiful body while enjoying the season. I am sure you will love  enjoying …

“We spread our wings in 2017”- Total Yoga

Yoga Practice December 19, 2017

Another majestic year has just flown by. Total yoga is not just a yoga school. We believe in building community and sharing wellness programs with different stratas of our society. A quick recap of the major events in 2017. Milestones in 2017 Total yoga is now in four continents! Asia, Europe, America and Australia-New Zealand. …

Know your asana: Janu Sirsasana

Yoga Practice December 19, 2017

Janu Sirsasana is head-to-knee forward bending pose. This restorative asana energises the body and mind, while improving the digestion. As the ascending and the descending colon is massaged. This asana is usually done at the end of a sequence once the body is really warmed up. What is so special about Janu Sirsasana? Janu Sirsasana works …

Why Yoga for kids

Yoga Practice December 14, 2017

We all would agree that Kids are yogis by default. They are present in a moment and enjoy life. They are creative and optimistic. Besides, they show great perseverance and honesty to the core. Then why we do need yoga for kids? Benefits of Kids yoga Practicing yoga at early age would give them discipline. …

Know your asana: Vashisthasana

Yoga Practice December 12, 2017

A more challenging variation of Ek Hath Santolanasana is Vashisthasana.  The sanskrit word “Vasistha”  means “most excellent, best, richest.” Vasistha is the name of several well-known sages in the yoga tradition. What is so special about Vashisthasana? This asana is challenging, but it works on the whole body. Besides, it improves the strength and flexibility simultaneously. Chakra-wise …



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