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Yoga in Daily Life

//Yoga in Daily Life

5 Ways that I use Yoga, Daily!

Yoga is such a vast repertoire of Knowledge that includes so many different practices which benefit your Health, Fitness, Self-understanding and much more. While the general use of Yoga is as a 1 hour Exercise regime, there's a whole lot more that you can incorporate into your Daily routine to improve the Quality of your everyday living. Here are 5 ways in which I use Yoga daily in order to ease and Enrich my everyday experience of living! > Exercise: Yoga as an exercise form is quite amazing. I use Yoga as my main form of Exercise to stretch, strengthen and tone all my muscles, joints and internal organs! My 1 hour routine would include everything from Surya Namaskaars, specially chosen Asanas, Pranayam, Bandhas and Meditation. Apart from doing Yoga, I Run everyday, but that's only complimentary to my Yoga practice and if I had to make a choice on any given day due to lack of time, I'll prioritise my Yoga practice. Yoga helps me stay Healthy, Fit and Energetic - the 3 things you want from any exercise routine! > Focussing my Mind: Long before Yoga was cast as an exercise form, it had been created as a means to Focus one's Mind and explore deeper realms. Even today, the range of Yogic practices devised to Focus, Concentrate and generally stay Present are unparalleled in all of mind-work. This is a testament to the longevity of Yoga's appeal, that 3 millennia after some of these practices were mastered they are still just as efficient! I use Chanting ('Sumiran' in Sanskrit), Deep Breathing and practices like Trathak to focus my Mind either when all hell is breaking loose around me, or even just to get through the [...]

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Today, I just wanted to give my Teachers’ a Big Hug !

Monday morning … No longer is there trepidation with saluting the sun with 108 – but have I learnt to do and go beyond to that place where we meet the glory of life? In this space of glory, an overwhelming feeling of compassion resides … is this love? I see it in others, I know when I am there…. Life is beautiful... In this time, today arms dangled by my sides, itching to move... there was no thought, it was only my heart ... I just wanted to hug everyone, particularly my teachers …  I stalled, I didn’t, a thought came in ...  did time stop? Was I the only one feeling this? I leave class with a formal goodbye, it didn’t feel right, as soon as I’m in the car I want to rush back, but I didn’t … Now, for my long drive home … music blaring, high on life/love… this energy nurtured from my yoga practice, inside so strong… need those running shoes ... I’m stuck in the car… everything is beautiful… Then, again time stopped, I’m mesmerized by a kind face, her wrinkled skin like a walnut shell, eyes wide open, a witness to depths of life beyond what I know. She is perfectly dressed in a yellow sari, hair oiled, neat, clean, proud… I notice a loaf of bread in her hand, she stalls for her rupees...she leaves without it ... empty …I want to go to her …but I didn’t, time moves me on… What I know ...Life is about taking a risk, we all fear rejection or think we may make a fool of ourselves... but if we can stay in that present moment and be [...]

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You Rest, You Rust: Learning a New Skill

  It is third week in January and time to look at the New Year’s resolutions and assess where you stand. You have either given them up 20 minutes into the New Year or you are still hard at work and making a good progress. My New Year’s resolutions this year ended up unveiling themselves through an early morning slumber dream. As I was waking up one day over Christmas vacation, a small voice inside whispered: “Learn a new skill.” I didn’t give it much thought at first but as we geared toward 2016 and setting new goals and resolutions I remembered that little voice and thought that learning a new skill in 2016 would be a great idea. Our holidays were a mix of good food, restful time, local travel and meeting family and friends. Somewhere in between that a few electronic devices had to be taken away from my kids who spent too much time playing games and watching Netflix.  As a result we had some great times bonding, playing board games, doing a 1000 piece puzzle and going on long walks. And so it went, when my 12 year old who is currently obsessed with K-Pop and fast approaching teenage years, came and asked me to learn Korean I could not refuse. There I had a chance to learn a new language and also keep my daughter close to me for a little while longer. Learning a new language, especially at my age and not from a familiar group of Slavic and Latin languages is not a joke. Although I am multi lingual, this new adventure has challenged me to the core. At moments, I feel like giving up and fear that [...]

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Every Breath You Take ….Experience it !!

Total Yogi Run Group Running is a beautiful sport because of it’s simplicity. Just lace up your shoes and run (after a dynamic warm-up, of course). There is much controversy over whether the breath in running should be just through the nose,  the mouth only or whether in patterns with your stride and so on.... if you care to take the time to read on it, the subject boggles the mind.... and I would even go as far as saying, that it could put you off a sport that is considered as one of the most simple.... particularly  if you are that type of person who follows the letter of what you read.. Since establishing my yoga practice with Total Yoga, I recounted during one of my runs, my yoga teacher mentioning Ujjai breath could be utilized  by runners, so I decided to give it a go and it worked well for me not only in my running, but I have also incorporated it into my day to day life. It is a calming breath, and the best way I would describe what it does for me, is that is takes me from the outside world to my inner has taught me to let go of the past and future and stay connected in that present moment...if we can learn to do this during part of our day, we will undoubtedly feel connected with our true self... Funny, when your yoga teacher throws out a question like this : How long do you think it will take to become a yogi? Audience 10 years, maybe next year, then someone piped out, why not now ? ... Yes, absolutely.. smiles my teacher, we do it now, what [...]

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Color Your Worries Away: Coloring for Adults

  This year for Christmas everybody in the room starting from 3 year old to the 68 year old got a coloring book as a present. After going for a long walk, we spent most of the Christmas day coloring alone, in pairs or as a group. Although this activity is mostly associated with kids, everyone enjoyed it and felt calm and relaxed.  More and more research shows that coloring generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity. The origins of coloring as a relaxation technique stated with the psychologists Carl G. Jüng in the early 20th century. He did this through mandalas or circular designs with concentric shapes that originate in India. Our coloring books this Christmas were not only mandalas but included designs that appeal to every interest from whimsical doodles to nature scenes and fantasy worlds. Simply put, coloring has a de-stressing effect because when we focus on a particular activity, we focus on it and not on our worries. Coloring also brings out our imagination and takes us back to our childhood, a period in which we were certainly carefree and had a lot less stress. Coloring books have been used to gently ease veterans suffering from PTSD into art therapy.  One study on college students found that coloring pre-drawn patterns significantly reduced signs of stress and depression. If you are having a hard time sitting still in meditation or find it hard to journal and write your introspections in your diary, this year give coloring books a try. It’s easy, inexpensive and you don’t have to know how to draw. And those 10 to 20 minutes you spend coloring might give you [...]

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How to make your gratitude matter

  Our retreat to McLeodganj happened to fall on my favorite of all holidays…thanks giving. Manish and Neetu asked if I would give a little speech on thanksgiving and gratitude and I was incredibly stoked because it is such an interesting topic and I love when people get to interact on the subject. There was an article in the new york times this morning called “The Selfish Side of Gratitude” that reminded me of what we talked about nestled up in the mountains. For those of you that weren’t there I’ll do a quick recap. We say thank you a million times a day in the US and it rarely means much. #blessed has become something we throw on the end of a post that somehow takes a moment that once felt big and meaningful and makes it feel trite and self serving. I asked everyone to take a minute and think about every single thing that has had to happen in his or her life to get them to this point. How did we get to be so lucky that we were sitting in that room together about to embark on a life changing experience? Our parents held us and fed us, made eye contact with us and read to us all so our brain stem could properly develop and we can go out into the world knowing that it is a safe place full of trusting people. About a third of the population didn’t get this opportunity and now view the world with a suspicious and fearful eye. When someone smiles at them they wonder why instead of taking it as genuine kindness. So when you feel a wave of gratitude, that overwhelming [...]

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