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Yoga for Runners

//Yoga for Runners

Shall I take the short cut ?

Runner in the Great Outdoors I HESITATED for awhile,  lingering in my warm bed, but my mind was focused on that run, it did not matter that it was cold, drab and misty. The sun still sleeping behind the glistening silver clouds.  I stepped out, my breath heavy and visible, fingers numb, coldness stretching through the back of my shoulders. But my mind was focused. My headphones switched on, music filtered and absorbed my body. With phone in hand, my legs  felt that rhythm; my mind was focused. My heart was pounding, the beat was in my bones, I knew this day was going to be a good day... with each passer-by a smile and a good morning, the energy  flowing and filling every cell in my body. Then, momentarily the sun glowed from behind the cloud, with phone is hand, I  wanted that click .... as I pressed to click, WTF my phone died, music left my ears - then a road I see, to double back . The choice in hand, do I take that short cut home and trash my day! But my mind is in focus - I am here , I am in the now and I am present . In focus, there was no way I was going to give up on that run, I said to myself ... "I'm not going to trash my day " - and without that click and without that pumping music - I know the mind in focus will achieve come what may - lesson of the yoga mat came to me - Do I let the distraction get a hold of me, or do I get hold of it... there's [...]

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Today, I just wanted to give my Teachers’ a Big Hug !

Monday morning … No longer is there trepidation with saluting the sun with 108 – but have I learnt to do and go beyond to that place where we meet the glory of life? In this space of glory, an overwhelming feeling of compassion resides … is this love? I see it in others, I know when I am there…. Life is beautiful... In this time, today arms dangled by my sides, itching to move... there was no thought, it was only my heart ... I just wanted to hug everyone, particularly my teachers …  I stalled, I didn’t, a thought came in ...  did time stop? Was I the only one feeling this? I leave class with a formal goodbye, it didn’t feel right, as soon as I’m in the car I want to rush back, but I didn’t … Now, for my long drive home … music blaring, high on life/love… this energy nurtured from my yoga practice, inside so strong… need those running shoes ... I’m stuck in the car… everything is beautiful… Then, again time stopped, I’m mesmerized by a kind face, her wrinkled skin like a walnut shell, eyes wide open, a witness to depths of life beyond what I know. She is perfectly dressed in a yellow sari, hair oiled, neat, clean, proud… I notice a loaf of bread in her hand, she stalls for her rupees...she leaves without it ... empty …I want to go to her …but I didn’t, time moves me on… What I know ...Life is about taking a risk, we all fear rejection or think we may make a fool of ourselves... but if we can stay in that present moment and be [...]

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Every Breath You Take ….Experience it !!

Total Yogi Run Group Running is a beautiful sport because of it’s simplicity. Just lace up your shoes and run (after a dynamic warm-up, of course). There is much controversy over whether the breath in running should be just through the nose,  the mouth only or whether in patterns with your stride and so on.... if you care to take the time to read on it, the subject boggles the mind.... and I would even go as far as saying, that it could put you off a sport that is considered as one of the most simple.... particularly  if you are that type of person who follows the letter of what you read.. Since establishing my yoga practice with Total Yoga, I recounted during one of my runs, my yoga teacher mentioning Ujjai breath could be utilized  by runners, so I decided to give it a go and it worked well for me not only in my running, but I have also incorporated it into my day to day life. It is a calming breath, and the best way I would describe what it does for me, is that is takes me from the outside world to my inner has taught me to let go of the past and future and stay connected in that present moment...if we can learn to do this during part of our day, we will undoubtedly feel connected with our true self... Funny, when your yoga teacher throws out a question like this : How long do you think it will take to become a yogi? Audience 10 years, maybe next year, then someone piped out, why not now ? ... Yes, absolutely.. smiles my teacher, we do it now, what [...]

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Run-Yogi-Run a path Into Mindfulness!

My main  passion today is Yoga but my first passion was running. When I was younger, at school I secretly enjoyed those long cold cross country runs over the frost, crisp ground into fields and past hedgerow, my peers would be moaning but my heart would be pounding I couldn't wait for that feeling of freedom in mind and body..Today, on my yoga mat I relate  to this freedom to a concept of being unplugged, a practice of self love and an over powering feeling of  gratitude. 30 years on, running still has that same appeal - what is that makes it so special ? As I get into stride, I connect with my breathe, this breath connects with my mind and the mind connects with this very moment and nothing else matters... past or future; any thoughts whether they be of anger, hurt, frustration,  those unanswered questions,  the burdensome complexities of life that can shroud you like a dark cloud, intoxicating and suffocating life out, fall away piece by piece, dissolving into insignificance... then - life pours back in... Ask yourself ? Do you have a routine or practice that allows you to feel that freedom. I believe it is an an experience that takes you to your true Self, beautiful, pure, simple, its the Divine in you; its like no other, when nothing else matters other than that very moment. It is powerful, like your  going to burst out of your skin! All senses are connected... Then that thought .. its so good to be alive !!! You might relate to this in a different way, through the warmth of a passionate embrace, a soft kiss maybe analysing the beauty of a red rose... Maybe you find your path [...]

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You may practice Yoga occasionally; or you may even practice daily - but there's always a few Questions that you would like to ask. Because Yoga is such broad term and involves so many different forms and interpretations there's bound to be things that need clarification. Here's a few YOGA FAQs that I've been asked over my dozen-years teaching career. If you have more questions, please write to me. 1) Is Yoga enough for exercise? Yes. A well rounded Yoga practice will train you in Flexibility, Strength and even Cardio. While most people can immediately identify with the Flexibility training in Yoga; each of the asanas/ poses trains the Strength of individual muscles and the whole body itself. In fact the core strength training in Yoga is something that all practitioners will truly appreciate. In terms of Cardio, practicing Surya Namaskaars is one of the best whole-body Cardio exercises. So, if you're regular at Yoga, you will be fit and more importantly healthy in body and mind! 2) Can I practice Yoga and also hit the Gym? Of course you can. On alternate days you can practice Yoga and on the other days go to the  Gym or other fitness activities. And if you are a regular gym-body, then practicing Yoga even 1-2 times a week will keep your muscles stretched so that you don't end up getting stiff from all the weight-lifting. Yoga is so natural to the body that it will compliment any other fitness activity and will improve your sports performance. Most top athletes now incorporate some Yoga training in their schedules. 3) How about Running & Yoga? Is it a good combo to train for a half-marathon? Yoga is often seen [...]

Total Yoga Summer Fitness Challenge month

Summer is actually one of the best times of the year to get fit! The body asks for more fluids and less fatty foods. Also, you're able to warm up easily and hence train to tone up muscles; as long as you can avoid getting dehydrated as you exercise. May however is also the month when people slack in their fitness goals blaming the heat, kids' holidays and more. So, this May at Total Yoga we've decided to raise the ante! The TOTAL YOGA SUMMER FITNESS CHALLENGE MONTH is 1 month of enhanced fitness training where each student will work towards their individual goal! So if you want to lose weight; or tone your body; or train for a marathon - the Summer Fitness Challenge Month will help you achieve those goals! The holistic Yoga approach to FITNESS includes improving your Diet and Sleep, as the aim of the exercise is ultimately to raise overall Wellness. Dancing Natrajasana The CHALLENGE involves attending a Total Yoga class very alternate day (12 classes in the month) and also committing to practising a fixed program by yourself at home on the other days. Sharing your Diet plan with the Teachers will help you add Nutrition and eliminate those foods that are harmful to your goal. Total Yoga Bangalore, Pune & California Bangalore (Indiranagar, Whitefield, Koramangala, Lavelle Rd); Pune (Kalyaninagar, SB Road, NIBM Rd) Dates: 4 May - 31 May Rate: Standard Total Yoga fees (approx 2.5 to 3k per month) RSVP: ; +91 9900097056

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