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5 Must-Read Yoga books

Yoga Practice February 11, 2018

Looking for a yoga book. The market is flooded with a million books. Besides, contemporary authors have given their interpretations. Thus, a couple of classic reliable books that can be read if you are curious about yoga. Must Read Yoga Books 1. Anatomy of hatha yoga:  Anyone who is curious or troubled about how the body …

Karma Yogathon is Back!

Yoga Practice February 1, 2018

What is Karma Yogathon? It is a community building exercise. Where people from different strata come together for a session of yoga and running.  The session is performed to live music. And the proceeding from this event are used to sponsor education of lesser priviliged children at Vidya Foundation. In 2017, we were able to …

Inspiring Yoga quotes by B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga Practice January 28, 2018

Get inspired with some of the most popular quotes by yoga guru B.K.S Iyengar.  

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10 Hilarious Yoga gifs

Yoga Practice January 21, 2018

Hilarious yoga moments captured:   There are so many times: we fall we scare our pets or the people around our potential awesome yoga photo, becomes a hilarious moment captured our pets can do an asana better we get stuck in a pose our potential yoga photos are bombed by our pets or kids! Be …

Top Yoga Quotes on Balance

Yoga Practice January 14, 2018

  Yoga is filled with standing and seated balance postures! They are important as they increase our body awareness and helps increase in focus!! So few quotes to motivate you to hold for a little longer! Top 6 quotes      

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Resolution: Should you really make one?

Yoga Practice December 31, 2017

The answer is an emphatic YES!  ….Let’s understand exactly why making a Resolution or Sankalp is a great idea! We all know the jaded feeling that the whole New Year Resolution thing doesn’t work. But if it hasn’t worked – chances are that we aren’t doing it right. Read on to know a little more about how …

Minimalism: Creating Space in our Lives

Yoga Practice December 7, 2017

We hear the word Minimalism so often that there seems to be degrees of minimalism in each of our lives! The term itself was first used in 1913 to describe an artwork by the Russian painter Kasemir Malevich. Since then, the word has gone on to connote a stripping down to bare essentials in terms …

Where did 2017 fly by? Slow down!

Yoga Practice December 1, 2017

Every year, come December, and each person seems to have only one thing to say – this year just flew by!  And every year seems to be ‘flying by’ even more rapidly for people! Exactly, why is this just a generic malaise? Why aren’t we able to slow down? Let’s explore… A Busy Mind = …

Know your asana: HALASANA

Yoga Practice November 20, 2017

One of my favourite quotes is, “Bend so that you don’t break!” This applies to inversions and backbends. Halasana or the Plough pose is challenging, but at the same time it is rejuevenating. What is so special about Halasana? Halasana calms the mind, stimulates internal organs, activates the thyroid, stretches the shoulders and hamstrings. Besides, it …

Why Yoga for Dancers

Yoga Practice November 20, 2017

I always thought that flexibility and grace were enough for a dancer. But, with time I realised strength, agility and isolation is a necessity too. As, the movements need to be clean, the spins should be consistent, so on and so forth. Besides, dancers are prone to injuries too! Especially, when we think that we …



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