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Weight Loss

Know your asana: NAUKASANA

Naukasana is one of the most challenging postures on day 1 or year 10 of your practice. Naukasana or the boat posture along with its variations has made it's way into Pilates and the Gym. Moreover, want to check your fitness level, hold the posture for 60 seconds and you'll know where you stand. :) What makes Naukasana so special? The boat posture utilizes all of your muscles in one stationary pose. This asana is an abdominal strengthener and also strengthens the deep hip flexors that attach the inner thigh bones to the front of the spine. Naukasana is lovingly nicknamed "The core killer". :) Chakra-wise The asana works on your core which activates the abdominal organs and activates the Manipura Chakra. On the physical level, the function of this Chakra is similar to that of a fireplace. When the energy of our food is not properly absorbed, utilised and distributed in the Manipura Chakra we feel tired, weak and ill, but with an active Manipura Chakra the body is provided with sufficient energy. Benefits of Naukasana Strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors and spine as we balance on our tail bone and push the core towards the spine. Since we engage our core, the abdominal organs are stimulated. It regulates and ensures better functioning of the kidneys, thyroid - prostate glands and intestines. The core killer helps in toning the fat around the stomach. Thereby, regular practice will keep your abdomen taut and toned. Helps to increases the circulation of blood in all the abdominal organs and maintain the sugar level. Therefore, it helps in improving digestion. While balancing in the posture, keep your legs and knees straight, thereby strengthening and toning the legs. Contra-indications Avoid in [...]

Top 10 Fitness Trends in 2017

(>> Paraphrasing from who conduct the most extensive survey each year.) The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has announced its annual fitness trend forecast and, unsurprisingly, exercise pros say Wearable Technology will again be the top fitness trend in the coming year. The results were released in the article “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2017” published today in the November/December issue of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®. “Technology is now a must-have in our daily lives. Everyone can easily count steps taken or calories burned using a wearable device or a smart phone,” said Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, the lead author of the survey and associate dean in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University in Atlanta. “The health data collected by wearable technology can be used to inform the user about their current fitness level and help them make healthier lifestyle choices.” Now in its eleventh year, the survey was completed by more than 1,800 health and fitness professionals worldwide, many certified by ACSM, and was designed to reveal trends in various fitness environments. Forty-two potential trends were given as choices, and the top 20 were ranked and published by ACSM. (Yoga continues to make the Top 10 Fitness list) The top 10 trends for 2017 are: 1. Wearable Technology: includes activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices. 2. Body Weight Training: Body weight training uses minimal equipment making it more affordable. Not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups, this trend allows people to get “back to the basics” with fitness. 3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT, which involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery, [...]

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21 Day Yoga Challenge! (1080 Suryas + Daily Challenges)

You've been practising Yoga regularly but would like to take your fitness to the next level! That's why we've come up with the 21-Day-Yoga-Challenge! This is for all regular Yoga practitioners and those wanting to jump into a well-rounded, holistic Yoga practice. The base practice is 50 Surya Namaskaars everyday; building up till the finale when we'll do 108 Surya Namaskaars on Day 21. But that's the easier part! 21 Day Total Yoga Challenge Everyday we'll also have a unique Challenge - practising an Asana like Sirsasana, or a Pranayam technique or even trekking up a Hill and practising Meditation! You'll even be challenged to teach Yoga to someone you know on one of the days! Over the course of the next 21 days you will go through the entire spectrum of Yoga practices and after this 21 Day Challenge, you can proudly call yourself a YOGI! :) Watch this space for the daily challenge and also follow the challenge on Facebook.

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Total Yoga Summer Fitness Challenge month

Summer is actually one of the best times of the year to get fit! The body asks for more fluids and less fatty foods. Also, you're able to warm up easily and hence train to tone up muscles; as long as you can avoid getting dehydrated as you exercise. May however is also the month when people slack in their fitness goals blaming the heat, kids' holidays and more. So, this May at Total Yoga we've decided to raise the ante! The TOTAL YOGA SUMMER FITNESS CHALLENGE MONTH is 1 month of enhanced fitness training where each student will work towards their individual goal! So if you want to lose weight; or tone your body; or train for a marathon - the Summer Fitness Challenge Month will help you achieve those goals! The holistic Yoga approach to FITNESS includes improving your Diet and Sleep, as the aim of the exercise is ultimately to raise overall Wellness. Dancing Natrajasana The CHALLENGE involves attending a Total Yoga class very alternate day (12 classes in the month) and also committing to practising a fixed program by yourself at home on the other days. Sharing your Diet plan with the Teachers will help you add Nutrition and eliminate those foods that are harmful to your goal. Total Yoga Bangalore, Pune & California Bangalore (Indiranagar, Whitefield, Koramangala, Lavelle Rd); Pune (Kalyaninagar, SB Road, NIBM Rd) Dates: 4 May - 31 May Rate: Standard Total Yoga fees (approx 2.5 to 3k per month) RSVP: ; +91 9900097056

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Yoga News Daily (16 Apr ’15)

Dear Yogis, we’re going to collate the most important news on Yoga every day and present it to you for easy reading. Here’s everything that we find newsworthy in Yoga today; and also a little bit of Inspirational content with an occasional Wacky story thrown in for good measure (there’s plenty of those in the modern yoga world!!) They’re Not Afraid to Say It: ‘Fat Yoga’ "Fat Yoga"   This yoga studio refuses admission to skinny people. The doors are open only for unapologetically fat people. “Yoga in America is miles wide but only an inch deep” says one of the instructors. They empathize with those who had terrible experiences at regular studios because of they were fat. Read more>>>  A Soul Mat   Shortly after losing her husband, this lady took up yoga for help in healing through stages of grief. This story is about her transformative journey as it unfolds in her new path as a budding yoga teacher at a teacher training course. Read more>>> Story Time Yoga for tots This program mixes yoga poses, games, storytelling, art and music to teach children to release the sillies and find the calm. Yoga serves as a wonderful outlet. It's also an excellent way to learn healthy physical and mental habits that can be practiced for a lifetime. Read more>>>     Tomorrow we’ll have 3 more stories on Yoga!

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One of the most common Lifestyle problems is bad digestion. Yes, whether it is indigestion, flatulence, constipation, IRS (irritable bowel syndrome) or simply a constant feeling of ‘heaviness’ in the body – every human being seems to suffer from their own digestion! Is it not ridiculous that a routine bodily function of absorbing nutrition from the food we eat, is wreaking havoc in our daily lives. Instead of aiding us in absorbing energy for living our life, our digestion is causing so much stress and discomfort that it is depleting our energy – quite the reverse of what it should be doing. Digestion is one of the most important and basic functions of the body to stay alive. We need to understand the digestive process – the magic that happens daily inside our bodies that helps to convert food into energy and life itself. We will die if we do not eat food and drink water – yet we have very little conscious understanding of the digestion process. Given just a little knowing, we will be sure to help ourselves improve our bodily functioning. We need to clearly realize the connection between our mental state and our digestion – research shows that in most adults the digestive system is the most susceptible to stress; in other words, as soon as you are undergoing tension your stomach begins to misbehave. In fact tension, poor diet and lack of exercise are the key contributors for bad digestion. The scope of the digestive system is too large to cover in one article, so we will endeavor to learn some of the basic practical Yoga techniques to help in our daily digestion. In the case of more complicated digestive [...]

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