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Yoga@Workplace – Your morning routine!

Good day Workaholics! Here is a reference sheet for you to use to energise your mornings. Do this routine which will take you not more than 15mins and will make a difference to your day! You can click on the image and download it or print it so that you have it as a reference at home! Let me know how you go! Energise your mornings!

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Yoga@workplace – Be a cool yogi bear at work!

Good Morning Workoholics! Every week, I will be posting some information about Yoga at the workplace to try and assist you, the office goer, money spinner, bread winner with some tips on how to use Yoga at your workplace. Summer months are upon us and it is unbearably hot by 8:00 am as you are heading to work! You get a sweat on, travelling in the heat and dust, frustrated in traffic and cant wait to get to your air conditioned office (if you are lucky to have that). Air conditioning does feel good in this heat and is a luxury a lot of us can afford these days but how do we beat the heat without it! Here are some tips that are very simple and basic to follow: 1. Yoga: At work, you can try Sheetali Pranayama. Anyone having low blood pressure should be aware that these cooling pranayamas can bring the pressure down even further. Sitting in a comfortable position at your desk, back is straight. Hands are on your palms (ideally this is done sitting in a meditative posture). Then rolling your tongue, take a breath in through the mouth for 4 counts. The breath as it goes into the body is cooled down by the tongue. Exhale through both the nostrils for 6 counts. Do this for a few rounds and slowly increase the time after practicing for a few days. Bhramari Pranayam The other variation is Sheetkari Pranayama which is also a cooling breath and Bhramari pranayama to reduce anxiety and stress that the heat may cause. Also try the silent OM chant, that brings the heart rate down and cools the mind! And fall back on the best most [...]

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Today, I just wanted to give my Teachers’ a Big Hug !

Monday morning … No longer is there trepidation with saluting the sun with 108 – but have I learnt to do and go beyond to that place where we meet the glory of life? In this space of glory, an overwhelming feeling of compassion resides … is this love? I see it in others, I know when I am there…. Life is beautiful... In this time, today arms dangled by my sides, itching to move... there was no thought, it was only my heart ... I just wanted to hug everyone, particularly my teachers …  I stalled, I didn’t, a thought came in ...  did time stop? Was I the only one feeling this? I leave class with a formal goodbye, it didn’t feel right, as soon as I’m in the car I want to rush back, but I didn’t … Now, for my long drive home … music blaring, high on life/love… this energy nurtured from my yoga practice, inside so strong… need those running shoes ... I’m stuck in the car… everything is beautiful… Then, again time stopped, I’m mesmerized by a kind face, her wrinkled skin like a walnut shell, eyes wide open, a witness to depths of life beyond what I know. She is perfectly dressed in a yellow sari, hair oiled, neat, clean, proud… I notice a loaf of bread in her hand, she stalls for her rupees...she leaves without it ... empty …I want to go to her …but I didn’t, time moves me on… What I know ...Life is about taking a risk, we all fear rejection or think we may make a fool of ourselves... but if we can stay in that present moment and be [...]

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Yoga@Workplace – Love your work!

Good Day Yogis! "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Confucius As it was Valentine's day when I wrote this, I couldn't help myself but mention about love! There are many experiences of love in one's life, from falling in love with your soul mate, unconditional love for your children, respectful love for your parents, love for siblings and friends, love for your work! And as we are focussed on the workplace, lets talk about "Love for your work"! If you are someone who loves what you do for work then you are really lucky as most of us tend to be at work for most of our life! So if you are in a monotonous job that you dont enjoy or love, how do you get into a frame of mind to love your work? Here are a few pointers: Practice Gratitude. Be grateful for all the things that you have in your life. Consider that in this economic situation, with inflation, redundancies, lack of job opportunities, you are grateful to have a job. Dont focus on the negatives, look at the positives. Make a list of what you like about your work, the hours, the people you work with, proximity to work, could be anything. Make your workspace a brighter place. Have pictures of your loved ones, inspirational sayings, a flower that brightens your day. Remove clutter, keep your desk tidy! Whatever works for you. Practice doing at least one kind deed everyday! Doing a deed for the pure pleasure of making someone else happy will brighten your day immensely. Karmayoga, is something we do often, come join us! Look at the bigger picture. It may be that [...]

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Poem – Can I be a Happy Valentine?

This Valentine’s Day… ask yourself, what is that you are grateful for? Look not far… for you will see the open door, But with these thoughts… comes rushing in … things lost, hidden, misplaced, misunderstandings... Life is cruel? Hurt sweeps in.. Is it going to leave? In the mind it rings.. On this very present moment focus on that what is … real right now.. it is that breath you have …. Embrace it, focus on it …let it absorb into your very being... Think not what was or will be, with a free mind let your heart love me (yourself) This Valentine’s Day focus on what is and not what you think the future might  be ..… Give it at a go and see how  your day will be …. With these words I bid you my family, friends near and far a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!!   Author - Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal-

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Yoga@Workplace – Stress

Good Day Workaholics! Every Monday, I will be posting some information about Yoga at the workplace to try and assist you, the office goer, money spinner, bread winner with some tips on how to use Yoga at your workplace. "Tough times don't last; Tough people do" We are half way through February! Wow, where has Jan gone? How are you doing with you resolutions for 2016? Be honest? Are you still giving your fitness goals a priority? Healthy eating habits are still on going? Long work hours are slowly creeping in? Are you managing to find the work life balance you had promised yourself? I call it "Walking the tight rope", its a rope that sways and jolts and wants to drop you off it, and its very easy to fall off. How do you find the balance between giving 100% at work and also have fun in life along with exercise and healthy living. Thats an answer you have to find for yourself and prioritise what is most important for you. Burning the candle at both ends can cause tiredness which in turn can cause a lot of stress at work! It is very important to manage stress levels at work. Stress can cause health issues, ulcers, hair loss, sudden changes weight, relationship issues. How does Yoga help manage stress. Firstly lets understand stress. Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it's an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the “fight-or-flight” response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. When we practice Yoga, and holding Asana for a certain length of time, we are putting [...]

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