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10 Inspirational quotes to get you on the yoga mat

Hello everyone!! There are days we are lazy or we find a thousand excuses to skip yoga or our workout. But these yoga quotes will motivate you to lay your mat and focus on your mind, body and breath!! Let's focus on "Wellness inside out"!!   Quotes to help you sweat on your mat  

Children are the greatest (yoga) teachers.

One of the effects of doing #yogaeveryday has been that I look at each situation in a new light. So one day when I was trying to explain to my toddler the concept of time (today, tomorrow etc), it dawned on me that he clearly, is interested, only in the here and now! "Living in the moment"  or the art of now, is something that the experienced Yogis do and we all aspire to. So what makes children such natural yogis?  It is a known fact that Children are our greatest teachers. 1. Children love whole heartedly. LOVE has to come on top of my list, as the world needs a whole lot of it today! Children have an abundance of #LOVE, they love you, unconditionally, with big smiles and open arms. They also love life. They stop and smell the flowers (literally) and admire everything about life. Try going for a walk with a toddler, be it on a beach or in the park. There is a stop at every second, turning each shell or picking up stones or looking intricately at each bee play with a flower! As adults we have stopped doing that. I can hear you thinking, "yeah thats coz we have chores to do, jobs to go to, social media to update!!", yes but, those things are always going to be there!  Its also nice to STOP, #BREATHE and soak in the beauty of what is around us, appreciate life before it passes us by! 2. Children are honest and transparent. During a swim lesson, my son who was crying for most of it, and looking at the swim instructor like he was an ORC from the lord of the [...]

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Run to your freedom …

ONE YEAR LATER  I step back to a place where I experienced a million different emotions. Memories shared with absent faces. Eyes distant but love unchanging. I recall those monotonous hot sultry days where the tomorrows' came after so many battles. Confronting the unease within, visiting and then revisiting those times gone by. How is it that the mind can perilously bend all the rules?! Chains of Past Memories  There is a place within, I know.  Its where I find my freedom, the chains of past memories dissolving. The clarity of heart and mind feel pure . The nectar bursting through every cell as past memories fall with ease. Wounds are healed.  It is now, in this very moment I see and feel ALL. It is a strength of love without boundaries. My physical body embracing the expansion as Prana engulfs me, I consider this as my true freedom, you may know it? Do you go there? Totality of Calmness I can take you with me....So..Hum the internal breath sounds rhythmically as I softly strike my feet down onto the grassy footpath. The mouth stays closed, and the Ujjai Pranayama comes as if nature intended. My nostrils flaring and then the gentle contraction in the throat sending the mind, body and breath in a totality of calmness Explosion of Effortless Flight  I notice the abdominal muscles engaged, and then there's a trickle of sweat slowly edging its way onto my brow. An explosion of effortless flight, as the body engages sheer happiness..... Running my 7th sense, my savior, my love , passion and driver for bliss the shadows dissolve away and fears confronted with courage. This my path to true freedom. Running to your freedom...     Author - Jagdeep [...]

Know your asana – MERUDANDASANA

Babies are natural yogis! Just watch a baby playing, you'll see them twisting, bending, putting their toes into their mouths, raising their shoulders & head and so many variations of yoga asanas. Similarly, Merudandasana is a playful posture which stretches the hips and hamstrings. This is also called the balancing bear pose. What is special about Merudandasana? Usually, standing postures are perceived to be balance asanas. Whereas, Merudandasana is a seated balance asana. It is a great for the spine and especially the lower back. It is a great preparatory pose for Naukasana. Besides, balancing bear is a great hip opener and over time increases the lower body flexibility. :) Chakra-wise As we balance on the sacrum and coccyx, the Mooladhara chakra is stimulated. The Swadhistana chakra is also affected. The asana helps us feel more secure. It also opens the yogi's creative energy and stimulates feelings of pleasure, abundance and joy. Benefits of Merudandasana Great stretch for the hips and hamstrings- The asana stretches the legs, adductors and the glutes. This helps in opening the hips and lengthens the thigh muscles. Strengthens the lower back - While balancing the lower back is engaged and hips are stabilised. Consistent practice strengthens the lower back. And, always remember, to have a strong core, a strong lower back is essential! Realigns the spine- The torso and spine are stretched. This also gives optimal place for the organs to function effectively.  Tones the abdomen - works especially on the liver, and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, alleviating constipation. Improves balance, focus and flexibility Contra-indications Avoid in case of hip surgery, injuries. For severe knee pain or knee injury, keep the knees bent. Pro-tip Keep the back straight and [...]

Mindful cooking and eating

From the time we are born we all enjoy delicious food. And we love variety. I remember when I was growing up, I was fussy about my food and my mom's concern was to feed me nutritious food and inculcate mindful eating as a habit. From my teens, I  started enjoying cooking. And when I started practicing yoga, my cooking took a different turn. The food was more healthy, healing , local  and vibrant. Besides, baking and finding healthy alternatives became my passion. During the same period, cooking became meditative for me. It was mindful and uplifting. For me, it was "Soulful cooking."There was so much joy, energy in me and the food, that the people eating my food would find joy and delicacy in every bite. :)  Our food gives us energy. So while cooking or eating be aware of the whole process. And you will feel the difference. Few tips about mindful eating Use Ginger in everyday cooking as it's good for digestion and blotting, thus very refreshing. Whatever you cook keep it crunchy don't overcook as it will give you more flavor. This will ensure adequate fiber in your food. Lastly eat local and colourful food. Switch off the television, phone and give attention to your food. Savour every bite, chew it well, consequently you will not overeat and the digestion becomes easier. Be happy while cooking as it helps to energize your food and body. Before I leave, it would be a pleasure to read your experiences about mindful cooking and eating. :) :)  Neetu Singh

The Life of the Teacher is the real Lesson!

As we celebrate Teachers' Day today, September 5th in India, we honour a rich and timeless tradition of the Guru-Shishya parampara (Teacher-Student relationship) that has been the bedrock of our Indian civilisation. For millennia, seekers around the world have turned to some of the finest Teachers in history for spiritual, intellectual and emotional learning and that vast source of Knowledge continues to Inspire millions in the form of Yoga, Meditation and more. I've been privileged to attend the finest of schools and through the institution of St Joseph's, imbibe many qualities that great Teachers stand for. I've been blessed to also live many years with my Guru, wherein the subject I studied was Life itself. When you live with a Yogi, you don't go to learn Yoga - rather to become a witness to how a Yogi lives and through that you are inspired to grow yourself. We all have our boxes, pigeon holes that we exist in - however, to live around a truly liberated being shows us our own limitations; and hence drives us to break through our self-constructed barriers. Qualities of a Good Teacher Firstly, there is no such thing as a bad Teacher - cause if you give the person a couple of years; they probably won't be around as Teachers. That a person survives as a Teacher in the free market usually means that there is some quality worth learning from the Individual. Last year the BBC did a research piece on the toughest jobs to replace by AI and Counselling and Teaching were deemed to be the toughest jobs to replace. These require Emotional Intelligence. Having said that here are a few Qualities that would serve anyone well: Stay a STUDENT forever: [...]

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