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Yoga for the Back

Know your asana: ARDH KAPOTASANA

A classic Yoga Asana, which is camera friendly and multipurpose. In Sanskrit, Ardha means “half” and kapota means “pigeon”.  Ardh kapotasana is named after a great master, Kapota. His yogic accomplishments are documented in scriptures such as the Mahabharata and the Kalika Purana. What makes Ardh Kapotasana so special? The posture is widely practiced by athletes, sports people, gymnasts and dancers. Yoga handles stiff hips in a variety of ways. But mostly through a family of poses, popularly called the “hip openers." Ardh kapotasana is a great backbend that strengthens the lower back. It’s fascinating to see the variations of this asana, which has been tailored for people with stiffness in different areas. Chakra-wise The posture stretches the abdominal-pelvic muscles and affects the Manipura chakra (Solar-plexus).  As the seat of digestive fire, this Chakra regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs. Therefore, an active Manipura Chakra supports good health and assists in overcoming many illnesses. Benefits of Ardh kapotasana As we balance in the centre and bend backwards, the abdominal area is engaged. It is a great posture to tone up the abdomen and  the abdominal organs are stimulated.  This pose is perfect for tight hips because it stretches the hip rotators (the buttocks area) and the hip flexors. This asana increases the lower body's flexibility.  It is a great post-run stretch to relax the muscles around the thigh and groin area. This stance is useful for conditioning your thighs. It strengthens the back, while being a great stretch for the spine. It improves the posture thereby giving dancers a better stance. Prepares the body for seated postures such as Padmasana(Lotus Pose). Thereby ensuring more composure in meditative postures. Contradictions Avoid in case of knee [...]

FAQs about Yoga!

    How yoga helps in treating backpain? Yoga is perhaps the most important methodology to treat Back Pain. Most Back Pain is caused because of the sedentary nature of our modern Lifestyle; and hence due to weakened Back and Core muscles. Add mental Stress to this, which causes stiffening of muscles and we find that Back Pain has become a global epidemic! Yoga exercises or Asanas were designed to keep the Back supple yet strong as a straight back was pivotal for sitting long hours in Meditation. Asanas are often used in Physiotherapy exercises in the therapeutic alleviation of Back Pains. Also, Yoga’s Breathing exercises or Pranayama helps us de-stress; so then our Body can relax and heal itself.   Is yoga a good workout? Take a peek in to any gym in the world and you will see a Yoga class on the schedule. Yes, Yoga has universally been accepted as an effective work-out! Yoga helps us get Fit, lose Weight, tone our muscles, improve posture, alleviate back pains and strengthen the back. It helps us make our bodies more supple and Flexible while also Strengthening to create a lean, toned look. Worldwide sportsmen and athletes are swearing by yoga! It is an exercise that caters to people of all age groups. Yoga is arguably the most complete workout in the world as it benefits all aspects of Fitness - flexibility, strength, cardio, balance and mental wellbeing!   Is yoga good for respiratory system? Yoga lays a high emphasis on Breathing. In fact an entire range of practices called Pranayama are dedicated to Breathing completely. This makes the Body stronger and eliminates toxins. The right balance of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is vital [...]

Yoga for the Ailing Back

The causes of back pain and how to avoid it  My sincerest apologies for not posting on the Total Yoga blog for a few weeks now, but that was because I hurt my back a some time ago thanks to the “wonderful” pot holes in Bangalore. While I do believe in living healthy and doing yoga, the injury to my back unfortunately was unavoidable, and believe me, I am paying the price for this. Lifestyle choices can lead to back problems: Regrettably, there are a lot of reasons for back problems, but recently it seems more and more people are falling prey to the potholes on the road. The jerks can really shake up the spine and the muscles in the back, and can leave you in a lot of pain. Another reason for back pains, especially among people in their early 20s and 30s are sedentary lifestyle and jobs.  It is not possible for the human body to be seated for such long period of hours, and this puts an immense amount of pressure on the back. Even the way we sit can have a drastic impact on our backs; a lot of people tend to lean into their chairs with their laptops, without adequate rest to the spine. This is a complete no-no. Precaution is better than cure: Trust me, you can run up a lot of bills at the doctor’s if you have back pain. Also, loss of productivity at work is not going to make anyone happy, especially your boss. Be careful when travelling on a bike or in a car. Don’t rush on the roads; trying to get somewhere in a hurry can cost you lot. Pay attention to the [...]

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