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Know your asana- Tolasana

Tolasana or scale pose is a seated lifted arm balance, which is also known as Lifted Lotus pose. Besides, getting the benefits of Padmasana, Tolasana helps in building arms and core strength too!! What is so special about Tolasana? Moola bandha and uddiyana bandha will be exercised when practicing tolasana. Because the whole abdomen is engaged and raised. Thus, this helps in balancing the adrenalin and testosterone-estrogen in the body. The scale posture is a dynamic posture which benefits the body inside out! Chakra-wise Practising Tolasana stimulates the Ajna chakra. This center is frequently depicted as the third eye in artwork and is used in various meditations. As the energy is activated, a person becomes more intuitive and intelligent. Because it connects us with a different way of seeing and perceiving, the third eye chakra’s images are often hard to describe verbally. It puts us in touch with the ineffable and the intangible more closely.   Benefits of Tolasana Strengthener: Your entire body needs to be strong, core and lower back as well as chest and shoulders in order to sit straight. And the arm strength is built over time. Tones the abdomen: as the whole abdomen is engaged and raised. Increases the hip flexibility and stretches the hamstrings. Homeostasis: As the bandhas are exercised, it creates a favourable hormonal environment in our body. Pro-tip Change the leg that's on the top, every time you sit. You can use a yoga block, if you feel raising the body seems too difficult. Contra-indications Avoid the pose in case of severe knee pain. Like most of yoga, this asana requires thoughtfulness and patience. Some people’s bodies easily fold into lotus, while others’ cannot. Some individuals have naturally long arms which [...]

Know your asana: Chakrasana

In the esoteric tradition of hatha yoga, Chakrasana creates a bridge between six chakras. Besides, helping the mind, body and breath, the wheel posture stimulates the energy flow in the entire body. Also, this posture is popular because of its' benefits and its' aesthetic appeal. What is so special about Chakrasana? It is an intense backward bend which creates necessary space in the spine to keep young and healthy. Just like a wheel sets the momentum for the car, this asana sets the momentum for the circulatory system, nervous system and endocrine system. Chakra-wise Chakrasana introduces our conscious awareness to the energy flowing through the chakras. While the torso is reflexed, the Manipura chakra is affected.  And as the seat of digestive fire, this Chakra regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs. The solar plexus contains many precious jewels such as the qualities of clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions. Benefits of Chakrasana Spine flexibilty and strength-  Wheel pose strengthens and lengthens the vertebrae, which increases elasticity and flexibility of the spine. As we age, our spines compress, but this asana helps us stand tall in the later years too! Tones the abdominal region- Regular practice ensure that the obliques and the abdominal fat is reduced. Opens up the chest- while increasing the lung capacity. Thereby it helps in more oxygen being circulated in the body. Stimulates nervous system and endocrine system- Due to stimulation of the thyroid and pituitary glands, when engaged in the posture, happy hormones/chemicals are secreted. It energises and de-stresses you. Stretches the hip while increasing hip flexibility. Heart opener- As the chest is pushed out, the cardiovascular health improves, the energy is activated. This helps in emotional [...]

Know your asana – Sethu bandhasana

Sethu bandhasana can be used to fire up or cool down your yoga practice. The bridge posture is great for the spine, thus the vertebrae is lengthened and strengthened. This asana can be used as a preparatory posture for Chakrasana. What is so special about Sethu bandhasana? This asana can be a restorative posture or a dynamic way to open and strengthen your body. It opens the thoracic spine (the middle and upper back) and imprints important alignment principles in the lower body. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, you can reap benefits from building a strong Bridge! Besides, it is a great warm up for the abdomen too. :) Chakra-wise Manipura chakra is associated with the natural element fire and directly linked to your sense of self. A healthy solar plexus ensures that you are comfortable with your own inherent power and become empowered. This energy center is associated with your self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal identity, individual will, digestion and metabolism. Benefits of Sethu bandhasana Opens shoulders and chest-  Rolling onto the tops of your shoulders, helps in opening the chest and strengthening the upper back. This pose is very restorative for anyone who notices that they droop in the shoulders – be it while standing or sitting. Opens the hip-  Bridge asana opens the hip flexors, creating length where there needs to be length, and tension where tension is needed. Great posture to be practiced, after sitting for a long time. De-stressing and calming effects- in the brain and nervous system. Aligns and strengthens the vertebrae.  Stimulates the lungs, thyroid glands and abdominal organs- while improving digestion ,circulatory system and respiration. Backbend- Sethu bandhasana is a mild backbend and tones the whole [...]

Have you taken your yoga props to work today?

Many people use props in yoga, BKS Iyengar first introduced props to the modern yoga practice to allow people of ages and abilities to benefit from yoga. Props are supportive and helpful when facing obstacles or limitations on the mat. So what are the Yoga props that you can take to your workplace to help you with your obstacles there? When I say Yoga prop, I don't mean a physical thing! Try using these props at work everyday, not just at work but in day to day living too. 1. Breath. Yoga is synonymous with Breath or prana. It is like the block that you would use to support an asana and go that extra distance. Actually, breath does take you that extra distance during practice so you don't really need the block. Using very conscious breathing during your day makes a big difference to the quality of the day you are having. Every breath is fresh oxygen to your blood, calmness to your mind, lower stress levels to your nerves. 2. Mindfulness. Using your breath will automatically bring about Mindfulness. Being mindful means being aware or focussed on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness at work, will bring about empathy, efficiency, new ideas and positive energy. 3. Posture. Yoga is all about posture. Asana practice on the mat gradually starts correcting posture through regular practice. Posture at work place is an absolutely essential for general well being but also to portray the right message across. Confidence exudes from the person who is standing tall and straight rather than sitting or standing hunched up. 4. Smile. Your most influential prop is your smile. It will brighten your face, light up your eyes and channel your positive [...]

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Know your asana – MERUDANDASANA

Babies are natural yogis! Just watch a baby playing, you'll see them twisting, bending, putting their toes into their mouths, raising their shoulders & head and so many variations of yoga asanas. Similarly, Merudandasana is a playful posture which stretches the hips and hamstrings. This is also called the balancing bear pose. What is special about Merudandasana? Usually, standing postures are perceived to be balance asanas. Whereas, Merudandasana is a seated balance asana. It is a great for the spine and especially the lower back. It is a great preparatory pose for Naukasana. Besides, balancing bear is a great hip opener and over time increases the lower body flexibility. :) Chakra-wise As we balance on the sacrum and coccyx, the Mooladhara chakra is stimulated. The Swadhistana chakra is also affected. The asana helps us feel more secure. It also opens the yogi's creative energy and stimulates feelings of pleasure, abundance and joy. Benefits of Merudandasana Great stretch for the hips and hamstrings- The asana stretches the legs, adductors and the glutes. This helps in opening the hips and lengthens the thigh muscles. Strengthens the lower back - While balancing the lower back is engaged and hips are stabilised. Consistent practice strengthens the lower back. And, always remember, to have a strong core, a strong lower back is essential! Realigns the spine- The torso and spine are stretched. This also gives optimal place for the organs to function effectively.  Tones the abdomen - works especially on the liver, and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It helps to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, alleviating constipation. Improves balance, focus and flexibility Contra-indications Avoid in case of hip surgery, injuries. For severe knee pain or knee injury, keep the knees bent. Pro-tip Keep the back straight and [...]

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Know your asana- Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana