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Benefits of Mindful Eating

Yoga Practice January 22, 2018

We have heard so much about Mindful eating. But, what’s the hue and cry about it? Well, Mindful eating is not a diet and has no food restrictions.┬áIt is developing a new mindset around food. By taking time to slow down and be more mindful when eating, you’ll be able to reap health benefits. That …

Are you eating enough Magnesium?

Yoga Practice January 17, 2018

Do you suffer from: Muscle cramps, involuntary tics & twitches, restless legs, sleeplessness and hyperactivity? Then, please get your Magnesium level checked. It is a tricky mineral and it may be innacurate in your blood test. Thus, a more detailed Trace mineral test will help! Why do we need Magnesium in our diet? Is an …

10 Food Resolutions for 2018

Yoga Practice January 3, 2018

Another “New Year,” another chance at adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity for all of us, to imbibe good habits. And, food and eating is the perfect place to start. As, our busy schedules and packed foods are ruining our stomach, appetite and health. …

Top 10 Food trends of 2017

Yoga Practice December 27, 2017

Food is one of the most exciting topic for all. And we have seen the rise of organic food, going vegan, going raw then back to traditional cooking, relaunch of ghee and turmeric, so on and so forth. Honestly, it seems like a cycle. We eat something, scientists say it’s bad, we shun it. Years …



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