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Shatkarma: Six Cleansing Techniques

Yoga Practice March 16, 2018

Body Elements and Cleansing Our body is made of  earth, water, fire, air, and space. The Shatkarmas or the Six Cleansing Techniques are described in the Yoga Upanishads. It balances the five elements of the body. While cleansing and detoxifying the body. The internal organs, which come into contact with the external matters  need to be …

Swadhisthana Chakra: Pleasure and Creativity

Yoga Practice March 13, 2018

Have you ever met someone who radiates warmth and sincere friendliness. Without coming on too strongly or seeming clingy? You’ve likely just encountered someone with a balanced swadhisthana chakra. General Characteristics Location: Lower abdomen ( between navel and genitals) Organs: Reproductive organs (ovaries and testes) Characteristics: Creativity, Pleasure, Sexuality, Reproduction and Emotional Balance. Colour:  Orange Mantra: VAM Element: Water …

Yoga at work: 5 Healthy habits

Yoga Practice March 12, 2018

According to the latest research, about 46% of the Indian corporate workforce, suffers from stress. A combination of lifestyle and environmental hazards are leading to physical and mental distress. And, like we know, liitle drops of water make a mighty ocean. Thus, inculcating these simple habits in your lifestyle, will make all the difference. 5 …

Scientific Benefits of Pranayam

Yoga Practice March 11, 2018

Pranayam: Then and Now Hundred years ago, the yogi practicing Pranayam, did’nt need any proof or study to practice Pranayam. He just “felt the difference in his mind-body-energy” and he knew that he had hit the jackpot. Overtime, science studied and published the benefits of Pranayam. Which made the world acknowledge the benefits of practicing …

Yoga FAQs by women

Yoga Practice March 9, 2018

Once upon a time, Yoga was mainly practiced by men. And today, yoga is female-dominated. Ironic but true. Here are the most common questions asked by women w.r.t. yoga. Yoga FAQs Can I practice yoga during my mensuration period? Yes. Going to yoga may actually help you feel better. Thanks to yoga, I dont’ get cramps …

Know your asana: Uttanasana (Balance)

Yoga Practice March 8, 2018

Balancing on the tailbone can be challenging, but overtime, it helps in strengthening the spine, core and thighs! What is so special about Uttanasana (Balance)? This pose helps in strength, flexibility and focus. It engages your core, spine and thighs. It’s a full body posture with myriad benefits. Chakra-wise As the perineum floor is engaged …

Mooladhara Chakra: Security and Survival

Yoga Practice March 6, 2018

“Human beings are actually made up of many layers of vibrating energy, each with its own specific vibration and purpose. “ The Root Chakra is also called “The Mooladhara Chakra” . This chakra draws energy from the earth’s core. General Characteristics Location: Base of the coccyx Organs: Adrenals and the kidneys. Which are responsible for …

Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic Nervous system

Yoga Practice March 5, 2018

The Stress Response Let me tell you, Sympathetic Nervous system (SNS) is a necessity.  In life threatening situations or in case of extreme stress; the body goes is “Fight-Flight” mode.  SNS is a branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which means we have no conscious control over when it is activated. Infact, the induced stress …

The Art and Science of Mudras

Yoga Practice February 24, 2018

Origin of the word The Sanskrit word “Mudra” means gesture or attitude. As per the Tantra tradition, mudra comes from “mud” meaning pleasure and “dravay” meaning to draw forth. Thus, the word also means “shortcut or circuit bypass.” Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures. Which connect the individual pranic force …

Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation)

Yoga Practice February 23, 2018

Moon salutations or Chandra Namaskar activates the ida nadi or the feminine energy of  the body. Besides, this variation of salutation helps in increased balance and concentration. Time of Practice Moon salutation is best practiced in the evening, night or dawn, when the moon is visible. Chandra Namaskar sequence Pranamasana Hasta Utthanasana Padahastasana Ashwa Sanchalanasana …



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