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Yoga cures for Migraine

Yoga Practice October 19, 2017

All about Migraine In a modern day scenario, Migraine is a common problem in all age groups. Migraine is a type of headache where there’s constant throbbing and intense headache in one side of the head. Many a times, patients are not aware that they suffer from migraine. There are various factors which can trigger …

Know your asana- SARVANGASANA

Yoga Practice October 3, 2017

Coming the “Queen of asanas,” Sarvangasana!! The Sanskrit word Sarv-anga-asana means whole body posture. This is a dynamic inversion, which is held for 1 minute in hatha yoga, 3-5 minutes in yin yoga, up to 10 minutes in restorative yoga and for around 25 minutes in Iyengar yoga!! What is so special about Sarvangasana? Shoulderstand …

Yoga in pain management of Migraines headaches by Yashodhara Pawar

Yoga Practice January 20, 2015

  Increasingly, many of us urbanites find ourselves falling prey to our hectic lifestyles, succumbing to work and social pressures. The resulting stress and anxiety manifests itself in a various physiological ways in the body. Acute headaches and Migraines are reported to be one of the leading lifestyle related conditions affecting nearly a quarter of …



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