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16 09, 2014

India to SF: a Journey of Yoga

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We have been on the move ever since our first born was two months old. Every couple of years we pack up, sell or give away a lot of our possessions, say goodbye to our friends and embark on a new trail. We moved back to the States this summer after spending two years in India.

This move was not easy to say the least. It was filled with stress and uncertainties, overseas travel and time zones, illness and a two day hospital stay, emotions of all sorts. It was extra hard for me because I was leaving behind my yoga teachers and yoga community, so many dear friends I knew I was going to miss terribly. At the same time I was excited at the prospect of returning to a place I call home and bringing this yoga practice with me and hopefully teaching in the States.

One of the exciting things I was looking forward to was going back to practicing the type of yoga I used to do before moving to India. Fifteen minutes into the class I realized that we change and grow, our taste changes and evolves. The practice that I loved just two years ago did nothing for me anymore.

Going through the move made me realize also how important savasana and meditation are. Through this ordeal of overseas relocation, dealing with sick kids, packing, moving, selling things I would often cut my practice short of savasana and meditation. My door bell would ring, an important phone call would come in, it would be time to rush to an important appointment or my kids would suddenly become needy and demand my attention immediately just as I was wrapping up my asana […]

9 09, 2014

Morning GloryVille comes to Bangalore!

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‘Rave your Way through the Day!’ sounds like a great way to start your day, right? Morning GloryVille was launched last year in London as an immersive Dance and Yoga experience to get people to kick-start their mornings full of energy! The Morning GloryVille initiative has spawned  a new movement called Conscious Clubbing – which is all about getting people to party, dance and generally have a great time without any liquor! And what’s more; this is done mid-week on a Wednesday; so that the ‘citizens’ can then take that infectious energy with them straight to the workplace!! Imagine raving at 7am and then getting on with a full day of work! Worldwide its a great opportunity for mothers with small children to go clubbing as the events are child-friendly! :)

Morning GloryVille launches in India in Bangalore on Wednesday, 10th September. Being the first such event in India is very interesting indeed! Dio Networks has the franchise for India and it will soon spread to the other cities in India. Manish Pole, Neetu Singh and Shwetha of Total Yoga are the Yoga teachers, while Tribe will be leading the Zumba/ Dance sessions and Spa.ce will be providing the Wake-up Massages!

Venue: Royal Orchid Hotel (Bangalore) & Timing: 6:30-10:30am (you can enter anytime)

Event details: >> Morning GloryVille

11 08, 2014

The 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge!

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Everyone loves to have a flat stomach, strong core and sexy abs right? What better exercise regime to accomplish that then Yoga?! Transform your Body with the Total Yoga 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge!

WHY YOGA? For thousands of years, ‘Asana’ training in Yoga has involved strengthening the body so that the Yogi could sit for long hours in Meditation. This means that Yogis need to have extremely strong core and back muscles to sit upright to Meditate. Try sitting for even 1 minute and you’ll realize how just how weak or strong your core is!

What does a Flat Stomach say about You? Having a Flat stomach is not merely about doing exercises to tone your Core. It means that as an organism you are functioning at an optimum level! Your exercise, food and even your sleep needs to be perfectly regulated and only then does it show as a flat stomach in your body!

Changing your Lifestyle in 21 Days?! Research into the functioning of our Brain is increasingly showing us that it is impossible to drop a bad habit! Rather we need to supersede that habit with another positive habit so that a new neuronal connection is created in the brain! Hence we can actually ‘overcome’ a bad Lifestyle by inculcating new Lifestyle habits and patterns and if we repeat them for 21 days; they get ingrained into the ‘hard-wiring’ of our Brain and hence of our Personality!

The 21-Day ‘Core-Fit’ Challenge! Total Yoga has taken up the challenge of creating a 21-Day routine of Exercises, right Nutrition and constant Motivation that will help you to transform your Body! It’s important that the exercises are expertly chosen and so we’ve gone through varied Yogasanas in order to find the most effective […]

28 07, 2014

Understanding the different Yoga styles

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There are so many Yoga Styles being taught in Studios around the world that most students don’t have a clue what all the different styles can do for them. Also, a lot of yogis start off with a particular style of Yoga and then never change, ever! And even if you try another class; you end up comparing how the new Teacher teaches Surya Namaskar or sequences the Asanas differently from your own teacher!

In this article, we’ll try and understand 4 of the most famous yoga styles around the world and in India. I’m drawing from my decade long experience of being a Yoga Teacher and studying various yoga styles, to analyze these legends of modern yoga and their iconic yoga styles.

Before we get into the brands of Yoga; it’s better we are clear on the three primary forms of modern yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa and Power yoga.

Hatha is a classical form of yoga wherein your focus is on holding poses for long so that your body strengthens and your mind becomes one-pointed. Vinyasa is a flow of poses; you’ll be moving from one posture to the next and so on, while focusing on your Breath. Power yoga is usually a combination of vinyasa-inspired yoga and exercise.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that most of the Yoga that is taught in Yoga studios around the world derives from the Ashtanga Yoga established in Mysore (South India). From the 1970’s Ashtanga has slowly spread its message across the western world; and in the last decade Indians are taking to this style in larger numbers. Ashtanga yoga was developed by Sri Pattabhi Jois (who passed away nearly 5 years ago); he adapted the form […]

4 07, 2014

Top 7 Reasons Why People join a Yoga class!

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Yoga is more popular today than it has ever been; and Yoga classes and studios worldwide are brimming over with aspiring yogis. The image of the yoga-pants clad and yoga-mat laden fitness enthusiast is ubiquitous all over the world – from Bangalore to San Francisco; and Dubai to London or New York! Yoga teachers are growing in numbers as there seems to be an insatiable appetite for the Yogic way of life and all its trappings – exotic YTTC retreats, organic foods, green tea, et al!

In this blog-post I’ll explore the Top 7 Reasons Why People join a Yoga Class in the first place. There are of course many more but over a decade I’ve observed people usually fall into one, more or even all of these categories!

1) Fitness and Weight Loss: There are more women attending classes in Yoga studios than men; estimates put it at about a 4:1 ratio. This even though traditionally most Yogis were Men! And that is simply because Modern Yoga seems to stand primarily for Asana – and so Yoga classes are seen as a Fitness class. Most women would like to lose a little weight or tone their bodies and so Yoga seems to fit their need perfectly! From Ashtanga yoga, which in many ways was the world’s first yoga program that catered extensively to Fitness, to Bikram Hot Yoga and Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga – all have helped thousands of women and men lose weight and tone up; where other traditional fitness regimens like the gyms were failing. The hormonal changes brought through Yogasanas helped people lose the extra kilos that the calorie-burning workouts could not alter.

2) Flexibilty: At the start of the modern Yoga boom, most […]

16 06, 2014

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Yoga, as we know it today, is often considered an alternate means of staying fit and healthy. Although Yoga has become a mainstream activity worldwide, it’s usually just Asanas that has remained the focal point for millions of practitioners. Yoga is not just a fitness routine – it’s a Science, a Philosophy and a Way of Life that can take anyone dedicated enough to Practice with Awareness to the state of Enlightenment!

Since over 2,ooo years the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali has been the definitive text on the system of Yoga; or Yoga Darshana as it is known in Sanskrit. Yoga is one of 6 Darshanas (or Philiosophical systems) of Ancient India; each meant for the Individual to ‘see’  Reality (Darshan means ‘to see’), or in other words to attain Enlightenment. Yes, 6 different systems! The  six systems are Nyaya, Vaishesika, Mimamsa – Uttara, Mimamsa – Purva (also called Vedanta), Samkhya and Yoga. Yoga is the most practical of these philosophies and is a way of life in itself. It borrows most of its philosophical premise from Samkhya, with at least one essential difference though.

All our knowledge of Yoga has come to us through an uninterrupted chain of Guru-Shishyas that has lasted millennia! Gurus have distilled their omniscient knowledge of Yoga to allow students to understand what they needed to grasp. A few important texts authored by enlightened seers have helped codify and preserve the research and knowledge that countless great yogis have discovered. That includes Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhagvad Gita and later on Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samhita, Shiva Samhita and a few more. The Yoga Sutras however are widely regarded as the Alpha and Omega of the Yoga Darshana. Patanjali was a great […]