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30 10, 2014

Benefits of Yoga! Benefit number 3

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We’ve seen two key benefits so far, Yoga helps you sleeps better and lose weight.

Let’s take a look at Benefit number three:


Are you slouching right now, as you read this? Do you always look for something to lean on while standing?

If you do then you must work on your posture. I’m sure you would’ve heard this from your mom or grandparents in the past, but I don’t mind saying it again. Keeping a good posture is extremely important for your spine; after all it’s your spine that supports you all day long!

A bad posture not only results in medical issues like chronic back pain and osteoporosis, it also messes with your confidence and happiness levels! I’m not kidding! The next time you are low on confidence or feeling a little upset notice your posture.

I don’t blame you if your posture needs improvement. It’s our lifestyle these days, like long hours at the desk at work or increased time in the car due to heavy traffic, which takes a toll on our body! Also, we are so distracted with our work or personal life that we don’t think twice about the way we sit or walk!

Here are a few quick Yoga moves that will help strengthen your back and improve your posture.


Stand with feet shoulder width apart
Raise the hands above the head and interlock fingers, pressing the palms toward the ceiling, elbows stretched completely. Begin to feel a lengthening of the spine.
Lift and ribcage and raise the heels, coming onto the toes. Stay in this pose for up to one minute, or as long as is comfortable.




Lie down on the stomach
Place the palms next to the chest.
Begin to raise the chest and […]

29 10, 2014

Benefits of Yoga – Benefit number two!

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I’m back with another benefit today! This one is very popular.

Here’s benefit number two:


Losing weight is a struggle for many. Maintaining the body after weight loss is even harder. You may go on crazy diets; cut down on desserts, junk food, eat only salads and drink fresh juice all day and still see minimal change. According to a famous news article in the daily mail, the people in UK alone spent 1.8billion pounds on diet foods in 2013!!

Many young women fall prey to eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia etc. Is it even worth it? Abusing our body for a size zero? Personally I think it’s nonsense.

I’m slim myself but this is not because of crazy diets. I’ve been asked many times ‘’What’s your secret?’’ I simply say I eat whatever I want and I workout accordingly. I follow no diet and I don’t intend to either.

Yoga helps you lose weight and also strengthen your body simultaneously. Being slim alone is not enough, you must be fit too!

The most popular yoga series you can follow to lose weight would be the Surya namaskaar also known as the Sun salutation. Surya namaskaar is a set of asana that’s performed in succession. It’s an effective weight loss tool and a great warm up exercise for other physical activities as well. If you are a beginner you can start with eleven rounds of Surya namaskaar daily and slowly increase the numbers. For the intermediate level you can set your timer for 5 minutes and practice Surya namaskaar with no break till your timer goes off! For a more advanced level, set your timer for 10 minutes and do as many Surya namaskaars as possible. For […]

24 10, 2014

Unplug with Wisdom 2.0

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Wisdom 2.0 was started by Soren Gordhamer in 2009 as a way to examine how we can live with technology without it swallowing us whole. To put it in his words, “What the culture is craving is a sense of ease and reflection, of not needing to be stimulated or entertained or going after something constantly. Nobody’s kicking out technology, but we have to regain our connection to others and to nature or else everybody loses.”

Wisdom 2.0 claims to be one-of-kind event that brings together technology leaders, Zen teachers, neuroscientists, and academics to explore how people can live with deeper meaning and wisdom in our technology-rich age. It includes speakers like Ariana Huffington, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Hsieh and Evan Williams just to name a few. It attracts mostly young audience from in and around of the Silicon Valley tech scene and entirely fed up with taking orders from Siri. Speakers present apps and courses named “Search Inside Yourself”, “GPS for the Soul”, ” Get Some Headspace” while the Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz told Wisdom 2.0 audiences about modeling his current software start-up, Asana, after lessons learned in his yoga practice. Speakers claim that meditation thickens the brain’s cortex, lowers blood pressure, it can heal psoriasis and “it can help you get a promotion.”

The first conference in 2009, held outside in the San Francisco Bay area, gathered a modest 325 people. By 2012, the wait list ran to 500, with headliners that included co-founders of Twitter, Facebook, eBay and PayPal. Last winter’s lineup featured Ford’s chairman, Bill Ford, interviewed by his meditation guru, Jack Kornfield; Congressman Tim Ryan on using mindfulness to transform education; and Marianne Williamson, on ending world hunger with the aid of […]

23 10, 2014

Benefits of Yoga

By |October 23rd, 2014|Asana, Asanas Directory, Meditation, Total Yoga, Total Yogis, Yoga|2 Comments

How does practicing yoga benefit you? The first two benefits that come to your mind would be increase in flexibility and reduce stress levels. But that’s not all! Yoga has many many hidden benefits that you may not be aware of. I’m going to take this up as a challenge and share one benefit a day for the next two weeks to start with. I’ll top it up with a posture for every benefit!

Let me start with saying a few minutes of yoga everyday can do wonders to your body and mind. So if you haven’t already started then you must now! Spend at least 10 minutes every day to do a few sun salutations (surya namaskars) and Pranayama. Once you notice the positive change in yourself you’ll crave for more! Trust me on that one, that’s how I started my practice.

Here’s benefit number one:


If you are experiencing a lot of sleepless nights, you may be suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders like the restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea. The effects of these disorders may include; drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, not refreshed after sleep and fatigue. Restful sleep is extremely necessary and an average adult requires around 8 hours of sleep a day.

Insomnia maybe caused by numerous reasons but the most common include; stress, depression, snoring partner and certain medications. According to University of Maryland Medical Centre, about 50% of insomnia cases have no identifiable cause.

Yogis use ‘Yoga Nidra’ or ‘Yogi Sleep’ to help relax the whole body and in order sleep better. To perform Yoga Nidra you need to first lay down in Shavasana (Corpse pose) with your feet slightly apart and palms facing up. Now concentrate and […]

13 10, 2014

Why PM Modi sought Indian ownership of Yoga?

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At the 69th UN General Assembly held at the end of September, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a striking impression. While stressing India’s claim on  having a permanent seat on the UN Security Council; Modi made a speech about India and what was eye-catching was the love Modi showed to Yoga. It’s a known fact that PM Modi is a regular Yoga practitioner. One of the key aspects of this UNGA was on how to address Climate Change. Modi specifically spoke about how YOGA helps People to People relationships and also our relationship with Nature. Modi then went on to categorically state that ‘YOGA was India’s gift to the World.’ 

This is very poignant, because the West – and especially USA, where the UNGA was being held has taken to Yoga like a fish to water! India’s biggest 3 exports (culturally speaking of course) are IT, Bollywood and Yoga! Whilst Indian IT usually conjures ideas of ‘Outsourcing’, and Bollywood is still exotic entertainment – Yoga has acquired mainstream acceptance all over the west. The savvy Modi realizes that this certainly gives India ‘soft power’. This also means that Modi claiming ownership of Yoga for India (this is factual of course) immediately transforms India’s image from a nation asking for UN Security Council permanence for over 3 decades in to a country (read Ancient land) that is rightfully the Teacher to the World! For the last decade as western yoga teachers found it less important to connect to India, Modi has delivered a timely statement of intent – stressing that Yoga originated in India and is her gift to the World!

1 10, 2014

Total Yoga Retreat: “Days of Zen!”

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Yogis, it’s time you joined us on a TOTAL YOGA Retreat!

We’re hosting a 3-Day Retreat in Devbagh Beach Resort, Karwar that will immerse You into Yoga & Pranayam (of course!), Meditation (lots of it!), Internal-Cleansing Yogic Kriyas (Neti, Kunjal, Shankhaprakshalan, Trathak…), Partner-Stretch Therapy & Yoga Massage, an unforgettable experience of Tandav Yoga and lots of Dancing & Celebrating(!!) And you’ll get to see the Dolphins! :)

Why should You embark on a Total Yoga Retreat? So you’ve been learning Yoga for a while now, and you would like to take your practice to the next level – where you learn to Cleanse your body internally, and immerse yourself deeply into Pranayam & Meditation. These are practices that once learned will help you throughout life.

Our Retreats are never restricted to just Yoga & Meditation. They embody the principle of Celebrating Life to the fullest  - and so we ensure that there are Dance sessions led by wonderful Teachers, Theatre, Movie screening and other activities. Whilst you have time on your own, you also enjoy community time and bonding. And there’s always yummy food!

Then of course, there’s the need to getaway! So we’ve chosen Devbagh – a quiet Beach Resort that’s nestled on a private island, offering you opportunities to soak in the beauty and spend time in quiet reflection.

“A young Rabindranath Tagore once made a moonlit tryst with destiny on the magical Karwar shoreline. The place where he found his calling. That night he penned “Prakritir Pratishoota” or ‘Nature’s Revenge’, his very first play – the piece that Tagore prized as the genesis of his literary career.  Visit Devbagh Beach Resort >


Day 1, Sat Nov 22: Land in Karwar; head to Resort by ferry – Beach time!

Check-in […]