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Karma Yoga: The art of doing..

By |November 20th, 2015|

With Diwali having just gone and Christmas just around the corner, this year as every other year is drawing to a close with a lot of buying, spending, giving and expectations!

Having just returned from time with family for Diwali, (the Indian festival of lights, beautiful bright shining lights), I was reflecting on how much emotion and effort goes into, not just the celebration but also the anticipation of what you are going to receive and how your gifts are going to be received. This lead me to think about Karma Yoga and its role in our society today!

Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless action. Its roots originate from the ‘Mahabharata’ when Arjuna is in battle with the Kauravas; his cousins who are being led by his guru, Bhishma Pitamaha. Arjuna goes through remorse and sorrow regarding the imminent battle involving his family and friends on both sides. Arjuna does not want to go into battle and Krishna advises him, to do his duty and surrender the results of all his actions to the supreme being (Krishna himself) rather than surrendering the action itself.

That was in the mythological era. In today’s day and age, a renowned yogi has explained Karma Yoga beautifully. He says if you put great effort in your activity, that activity is just Karma, if you do it joyfully without expectations then it becomes Karma Yoga! He further explains that with the various activities we perform in everyday life, we create impressions and get entangled in the process of life. Some even believe that these impressions are not just part of this life but also of our previous lives, our ‘Karmas’. We get bogged down and involved in the whole process of […]

Do you practice Yoga on Holiday?

By |November 16th, 2015|

It’s the end of the Holiday season and we asked all our students if they practiced Yoga while on Holiday? And we received the most amazing responses – most people had actually done Yoga amidst the partying and holidaying. This was exactly the vindication we sought – that Yoga was now part and parcel of their Lifestyle, something we’ve been trying to encourage for years! Here’s a selection of some of the Yogis’ ‘Poses in Paradise!’  Remember doing all the little things that make your day complete through the year are the same things that will make your holiday more enjoyable – and that’s the key to creating long term, happy memories for you and your family! So go on, pack your Yoga mat the next time you go on a holiday…in fact these days you won’t even have to do that – every Hotel in the world will have a yoga mat!


By the way, here’s an amazing Yoga program you can follow whilst on Holiday! It has Cardio exercises through Surya Namaskaars, Flexibility and Strength-training for every major Muscle in the body, Balance poses, Inversions and Relaxation. The session is rounded off with Bandhas (hormonal locks), Pranayam and Meditation! And all this in 35 minutes, which is essential during holidaying. If you plan doing a longer routine, often you don’t end up practising at all! THE TOTAL YOGI WORK-OUT!

So next time you head out to an exotic holiday destination, don’t forget to get your Yoga fix! You’ll enjoy your holiday even more!









Yoga for Love & Devotion -Bhakti Yoga

By |November 15th, 2015|

A time for reflection …I  felt a deep sense of need to reflect on my yoga practice and consider what it is I do, my thoughts led me… where is love ?

This is what I found …..

We know yoga is more than just a set of physical postures. Its a philosophy of life and performing the postures is just a tool to maintain that harmony within our bodies. 

There is no single yoga philosophy, no one methodology; if  you study all the different types and schools from the most classical to the most modern, you will notice certain underlying similarities in all of them, whether they are physical or not.

Among the most classical types of yoga we can find: Karma Yoga (the yoga of action), Jnana Yoga (the yoga of wisdom) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of love and devotion).

Bhakti Yoga is a beautiful practice, most famously  practised by  Mother Theresa. It requires us to be compassionate, kind and love unconditionally. In this way we can open our hearts and fully live each moment of our lives, finding happiness in service and loving others.

By this practice, our responsibilities will stop being recognized as obligations and instead, they will add value and meaning to our lives.

As famously said by Mother Theresa, “It is not about how much we do but how much love we invest on each one of our actions”. AND “Best of all, by practising love we stop doing things for the expectation of results only, because love itself will become the best and only reward.”

How to Practice Bhakti Yoga?

Some people chant, pray, or use love based mantras during meditation. Others like to build simple and personal altars containing objects and pictures for inspiration, symbolic things that remind […]

Total Yoga Talks

By |November 15th, 2015|

It has been a great couple of weeks with the TY Talks initiative and we’ve been invited to speak at a variety of workshops, seminars and events. The GOOD LIVING Workshops that we’ve hosted with GoldRush Events at the Pepperfry Studios across India have been an eye-opener really. It’s refreshing to see that even in this Internet Age, people have taken the time to come and learn. The temptation to just learn Yoga through ‘Googling’ or from ‘YouTube’ is always there, but people have taken the time, driven across the city and attended the workshops. Kudos to all of them who joined us in Mumbai & Pune! The Bangalore edition of GOOD LIVING Workshop at Pepperfry Studio, Indiranagar happens this Tuesday, Nov 17th, while the Gurgaon edition is on the coming Saturday, Nov 21st. Join the Bangalore event! >>

Speaking on Journeys: Travel experiences at The Lime Diaries

The next TY Talks event is also on Tuesday, Nov 17th as part of Byond Travel’s The Lime Diaries at the Humming Tree, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Lime Diaries brings together an eclectic array of individuals who have interesting Travel-inspired Stories to share. This event features Bruce Lee Mani (front-man of Blore’s favourite band, Thermal and a Quarter), Sanjay Manaktala (comedian, extraordinary), Women Beyond Boundaries and Manish from Total Yoga. Join the event! >>

Both these events are free but you’re requested to RSVP on the FB links provided so the organisers can prepare accordingly. Hope to see you all!

Why so lost at Work??

By |November 4th, 2015|

The other day I visited my bank in Indiranagar, that’s one of the busier suburbs in Bangalore. It was a routine money deposit errand. Having written out the deposit slip, I approached the counter to hand over the money. The cashier and I exchanged pleasantries. He took my slip, verified the Account details and once all was fine, he stamped and gave me back the receipt. Transaction complete. I walked away.

Couple of minutes later, I returned to the cashier and politely asked him, ‘Will you be paying the 50,000 rupees for me?’ He gawked, trying to make sense of my inane question. Still unknowing of what I was hinting at, I finally ventured to tell him that he had forgotten to take the money from me!
Are you really there at Work?
Does this happen to you at Work? Are you sleep-walking through the day, lost and UN-PRESENT each moment? This got me thinking, if a smart banker can be so lost as to forget ‘banking’ itself, how many of us are actually spending our work-time totally present, solving the problems and creating solutions that our work demands. Is this one of the reasons we bet bored with work….cause we’re actually spending our time ‘dreaming’ and what-not.

For years I’ve trained in Meditation and increasingly I’m finding signs that my youthful, right-brain decision to give up my career and pursue training in Meditation with my Guru was perhaps the most logical thing I’ve ever done in life! For, the most important thing that we carry with us is our Body+Mind and Yoga trains exactly those two aspects of our being better than any modality or system created in the last 6000 years! And we’re not even talking about the […]

A Broken Glass – Does Your Practice take You beyond the Mat ?

By |November 2nd, 2015|

An accidental slip of the hand sent the glass tumbler crashing onto the marble floor, shattering into a thousand irregular shapes.

I squeezed my eyelids together, then for a minuscule moment, I was aware that my mind became perfectly still, my breath slow and synchronised, I was in Ujjai breath, I know it well now. A thought then flashed, “Arrgh! ..Those kids,” then in an instant the thought of blame and anger was gone, lost, hidden, irrelevant…

Was this my Yoga practice translating into my everyday life. I could hear the words of wisdom absorbing me, hearing my Guru’s voice soft in my ears “this is why we practice Naukasana, your body is in stress, you are irritated, upset, you maybe cursing me, that’s fine… 3 more breaths!.. this is what we are training for .. stillness, calm.. but you are in stress..hold a little longer.. you have the willpower..”

Looking at the broken glass, I wasn’t irritated or upset..I was calm, in the present moment. Then looking deeper into myself , I saw a reflection into my own life … I know for sure that life is an unexpected journey, along the way there will be broken pieces piercing into life..Those pieces I know can be repaired, the jagged become smooth, shiny, bright and full of life or they remain broken, dull and empty.. Its ultimately the choices we make…

Next time, you roll out your mat… ask yourself ..Does your practice take you beyond the mat…?

Author:- Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal-

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