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11 04, 2014

Top 5 Yoga Destinations in India

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It’s holiday season and lots of you would like to visit a nice scenic locale and immerse yourself in Yoga and Meditation. India being the land from where Yoga originated; it attracts aspiring yogis from around the world seeking out a spiritual getaway from the travails of everyday life. While the length and breadth of India houses yoga centers and retreats; we look a 5 of the most revered places to go to.

1) RISHIKESH is called the ‘world capital of yoga’. And rightly so; because it houses Yoga Ashrams and Centers, both ancient and relatively newer too. Rishikesh, situated alongside the banks of the Ganges is a holy city and it is believed that Meditating here brings one closer to Moksha (Enlightenment). It’s also one of the rare places on the planet that you can actually see a Yogi and not the track pant-clad, yoga mat laden modern variety! So that further motivation to visit here.

Places of Interest: The world-famous Sivananda ashram offers Teacher Training courses that are highly sought after. Also, the wonderful Parmarth Niketan Ashram and Swarg Ashrams on the banks of the Ganga are must-visits. Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula, suspension bridges the let you cross the Ganges are landmarks here. Then of course the highlight of the city is the evening Aarti (Prayer) at the banks of the Triveni Ghat. All in all, Rishikesh is a must-visit for any serious Yoga aspirant – and it’s soon becoming a Mecca for a worldwide audience waking up to the deeper aspects of Yoga!


2) MYSORE is in many ways the birthplace of Modern 20th century Yoga. Although Yoga has been practiced in India since time immemorial; the role of Sri Krishanmacharya and his students Pattabhi […]

5 02, 2014

Welcome your Mid-Life crisis!

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There are just 2 options you have when you’re faced with Mid-Life stress: allow it to become a Crisis and get Depressed evaluate your life and see it as an Opportunity for Growth!

The term Mid-Life crisis was coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques and gained a lot of popularity from the 1980′s. This was seen as a time from one’s 40′s-60′s when there comes a realization that Half your Life may already be over, and you start wondering how much Time is left!

Research shows us that there are many reasons that a person experiences Mid-Life stress; from the Death of a Parent, to children leaving home for College, to an honest evaluation of your Career, or a ‘zero’ birthday that signals a new decade; and also the very fact that your body is aging! However people act differently during this period. In fact, researchers now do not like using the term ‘Crisis’ simply because while for some it may bring about Depression; for others it’s a period of change and Growth! Eventually it all depends on how people react to what a lot of researchers are now terming as a natural transition stage in Adult growth.

While in America, about 10% of the population experience Mid-Life crisis; some cultures like the Indian and Japanese seem to be insulated from this crisis – giving the possibility that it is a cultural phenomenon owing to the ‘culture of Youth’ more predominant in the West. The age for the onset of mid-life stress has reduced to about 37 – one’s 50′s.

Also, Men and Women respond differently to this phenomenon – for Men it typically lasts 3-10 years while for Women 2-5 years. Men often analyze their Dreams v/s […]

26 01, 2014


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In the next of our ongoing series of Blog posts on Total Yoga students; here’s an interesting read about Rita Mishra. We’re featuring her to drive home the point of ‘Going Green!’ While Yoga is all about Health and Wellbeing; there’s another benefit of Yoga to the planet – it’s a totally Zero-Carbon workout! You don’t even use the fan usually; and definitely no A/Cs, or mechanized Treadmills and the other energy-draining Gym infrastructure. So, we go one step ahead and look to encourage students to cycle, walk or jog their way to Yoga class instead of driving! Right? To learn how Yoga can help Cycling, read Yoga-for-Cycling.

Here’s what Rita Mishra has to say…..
“I love cycling and I love yoga. Putting them together is my favorite recipe for a great start or a grand finish to a day. While both hold value from a physical fitness perspective, I particularly enjoy the positive psychological impact of these two activities.
Cycling is a very earthly experience for me. Feeling the rush of breeze, the open skies and observing people go about their business gives me happiness and surges my energy. I feel connected with nature and often find myself smiling when I ride (albeit at the cost of looking funny). Morning hours are my best bet for a good and safe ride in Bangalore.
Yoga is my way of unplugging from distractions and diving into a deeper universe. It is an experience that melts my individual thoughts into a pool of universal consciousness. It connects my mind, my body and the universe at a spiritual level. Just as a good shower cleanses the physical self, a good yoga session cleanses the mind.
Put yoga and cycling together and the net result […]

26 01, 2014


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Why ’TOTAL’? To understand what TOTAL YOGA is, is to know why it’s called TOTAL in the first place?


TOTAL YOGA was conceptualized as a complete Yoga experience – not just limited to Asanas and Pranayam. The Total Yoga Experience covers these 2 aspects and also Meditation which is intrinsic to Yoga practice.


While these 3 elements form the basis of the practice; the other elements include Kriyas & Shatkarmas – the internal Yogic cleansing practices that students are taught and encouraged to practice monthly. Keeping the internal body-mind clean and pure is essential to Health & Wellbeing. The 5th element is more lifestyle-orineted and focusses on educating students on Nutrition and  Healthy Food choices (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).



Finally the experience is completed with Karma Yoga – or offering Service to society. The entire student community is encouraged to volunteer and help out at Old-Age homes, Orphanages, Special Schools and other such wonderful places. We believe that your Yoga experience cannot be limited to mastering something like Sarvangasana, while not helping your brethren; and so Service is emphasized!



Total Yoga is a style that is taught 3 times a week on alternate days. Each class is of 1 hour duration – 45mins of physical practice (Surya Namaskaars & Asanas) and 15mins of Pranayam, Relaxation & Meditation. Each day the focus of the physical training is different. On Day 1, we train Flexibility and so we teach our version of Vinyasa-Flow yoga. On Day 2, we train Strength and so classic Hatha Yoga is used for this. On Day 3, Cardio Endurance is trained and so we teach Power Yoga.

This is the regular classes at the studio and students are encouraged to practice on their own on the 3 alternate […]

23 01, 2014

Karma Yoga: Yoga at Home-for-the-Aged

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Your YOGA practice is incomplete without giving back to Society – without the element of Service – or in yogic terms; Karma Yoga. And so even if you have mastered the Trikonasana; you won’t find lasting Peace unless you are able to transcend yourself in your search of who you are!

As Mahatma Gandhi beautifully said:
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Whilst what we practice falls within Raja Yoga; incorporating selfless service or Karma Yoga is very vital to our whole being itself. At Yoga teachers, we are keen on providing the impetus and opportunities for all students to Volunteer their time to help the society of which we are all a part of.

To commemorate Republic Day, we have organized a Voluntary service work at the HOME-for-the-AGED which is run by the missionary foundation Little Sisters of the Poor. Little Sisters of the Poor is a non-profit organization managing the Home for Aged at Bangalore. This is a charitable institution that receives the aged, 65 years of age and above, men and women, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, who are really in need of home, care and concern.

There are 113 Men and Women being cared for. The Home runs on donations that people have made generously. As of now they are looking forward to donations such as Sugar, Adult Diapers, Phenyl, Pril washing solution, etc or Monetary donations that can be made directly to the Home when we go there. Here’s the site of Home-for-the-Aged. It is located on Hosur Road between Baldwin Boys’ School and Johnson Market.


Program>> SAT 25 JAN, 10:30-11:30am we (the students of TY and friends & families) will be going to help the seniors do […]

20 01, 2014

Top Fitness Trends in 2014

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The American College of Sports Medicine has a new #1 on their Annual list of 20 Fitness Trends of the year.

1) Ever since 2008, Educated & Experienced Fitness Professionals has topped the list; but this year the ACSM anticipates HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) to trend the most. HIIT typically is done within 30 mins that includes High Intensity Training interspresed with short Rest & Recuperation. Examples of HIIT include Cross-Fit! Incidentally, Yoga comes in at 10 on this list.

2) Other research sites however list Yoga as the #1 Fitness Trend in the world simply because Yoga is now also being utilized as a complimentary Fitness activity as well. So Runners, Athletes & Sportsmen, Dancers and Cross-Fit folks are training in Yoga on the alternate days to keep their Body balance, flexibility and muscle-recovery at an optimum level. And Yoga itself is seeing more innovations such as Aerial Yoga & Acro Yoga, Yogalates and more. It seems everyone wants to use Yoga stretching and the mind-body connect coupled with varied physical work-outs.


3) Other important trends include the Digital Fitness revolution – which has now moved from Fitness Junkies to even common folk! These gadgets and apps include Watches & Arm/ Chest Straps & Shoe sensors to tell you how much you’ve run and at what heart pulse, etc. Recent apps allow you to determine the calories in your food and make you choose wisely. The latest trend is in fact Online Fitness Classes and not just DVDs. So you can sign up for the Group Ex classes of your Gym Online; without having to leave your home, search for parking and share the gym showers! :)

4) Group Personal Training is something catching on; wherein 3-5 people […]